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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Au revoir and Hello Again

all preceding photos are from the most recent ice storm, which once again knocked down trees and hydro poles, leaving many 'in the dark..' ours came back on in time for Easter!

Hello, it's been a while! Where have I been? you ask...

Some days I ask myself that question! 

The weeks just seem to roll by, not paying any heed to blog posts or lack of time...

                    this is our yard...so sad to see trees break...but I guess they're only trees..

Although I have been busy, I am not actually that busy! I simply have felt myself drawn to other pursuits sometimes let's say.
This morning while chatting and having coffee with a few friends one girl mentioned that her sister is SO busy that she admitted she would never have 'time' to visit with anyone for an hour.  I don't know about you but in my opinion that is simply too busy!
                                          a near by creek while trees bend under a burden of ice

Life is a series of choices and although we can't control all of our circumstances we certainly have somewhat of a choice in how busy we make our lives...                                                                        

                                                  our yard again, sun breaking through

I have to say that although I am the kind of person who thrives on a day brimming with activity, I hope I am never too busy to stop a while and chat with someone, or to call my mother, or to send a card to a friend.

                               the top of our Chinese elm..

Although I know I've missed opportunities at times, I hope also I have seized opportunity.

I hope I notice people's eyes and expressions...

I hope I remember to care and pray...
                                            ice coated clothes line

I had a birthday recently, and everyone was home...gathered around the table, making conversation, and laughing...Special times are treasured, but every day I can choose to hurry, or to make haste slowly.


Lingering a little longer because life may not wait, and I don't intend to miss it.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Sweet Somethings

Those of us who enjoy decorating know the impact and satisfaction in creating vignettes, or switching up pictures  or chairs or lamps...you know what I mean...

or cushions...
Lately I have enjoyed adding a bit more greenery around my home..

The landscape outdoors can feel bleak and lack lustre so plants indoors help to add a garden feel...

A few weeks ago I picked up this magazine called English Homes. Every page is filled with dreamy and idyllic photographs...I can almost pretend I too am planning a trip to England like Brenda...                                                                  

my painted hutch lends a wee English ambiance :)

Speaking of dreaming a little, I've been watching the last (sniffle) season of Downton...I ordered the DVD so we could watch at our leisure. It's such a different world and also such a similar world is it not? People are people no matter when or where they live..  Humans all have idiosyncrasies it seems..

I have also been making granola a lot this winter. It's such a yummy snack or breakfast...

I don't know about you but I certainly love a clean window...they get dirty quickly out here in the country,  making me appreciate when they are clean!

Well I wrap up my week remembering how blessed I am. Yesterday I watched a young girl walking home from school. She had two crippled feet and walking was an awkward hobble. 
I knew I was supposed to see her...
Sometimes I get wrapped up in my own worries or concerns about my children or family when suddenly I am jolted into the realization of my gifts of health, strength and all sorts of providential blessings...
With this as my focus I wish you a blessed weekend.

                                                      Thanks for stopping by. ~ Lucy~

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Monday, 7 March 2016

The Story Of A Day

I am sitting in a sunny spot outside on my front porch. The novel I am currently reading is having a hard time competing with my surroundings. There is nothing exquisite about them. The traffic is a little too loud, without a leaf barrier on the trees. I hear black birds chirping to be heard above the 4:00 din on the road.                                         


Soon the yellow school bus will stop and drop off my last elementary child. The two little girls who normally come after school are sick today, so there won't be the usual shrieks as they run in the lane. Leaving a composed 13  year old to herself as her siblings arrive home ahead of her. 
I will do my big wave to the bus driver and he will reply with a friendly honk.

                        who knew black birds enjoy puddle jumping?                                                       

My thoughts are abstract in contrast with the crisp, afternoon shadows. 
I hope the tenderloin that was still partially frozen gets done in time for a 6:00 supper.
Today like many days, didn't go as planned. The original plan to go downhill skiing today was eradicated when the forecast was for unusually warm temperatures.
Instead a trip to a thrift store and a walk with a friend took place. 

                    yesterday this field was white, today it had melted to a gold hue

I had also planned to stop by the store for some fresh pork chops, but after arriving home later than first planned, I decided to pull out the tenderloin and crank the heat in the oven.

Isn't that the story of our lives? Alteration of plans, ideas.
Aligning our agenda with The Designer of our souls is a life long learning. 
So while we write our stories, our stories write us; leaving a rare composition of life's finest notes.                                         

my 'new' rubber boots.perfect for puddle jumping:)

and for the record; the tenderloin was perfect:)

tenderloin,green beans, sweet potato, salad.

After I wrote this, I hopped on my bike for my first ride of the season. I really should of had my camera with me, because everywhere I  turned I saw spring!
(also Kate Morton's latest is to be continued for sure.)

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Painting Time

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When I began my love affair of painting furniture, I had no idea what I was getting into. Little did I know that I would no longer see a plain chair, or a simple table the same way. 
Little did I know that thrift store hunting and garage saleing (I say it's a word.) would ever be quite as redundant. Suddenly everything seemed to brim with the potential of change..

This wooden clock was given to me by my dear hubby while we were dating. It was an extravagant gift and I appreciated the sentiment it presented. 

The clock has been silenced for some years now due to it's some what persistent ticking and chiming keeping children awake..
None the less it made a fine statement not to mention conversation piece because of it's silence, in our family room. 

Somehow I couldn't keep myself from seeing this clock in a new light, or shade at least...It took me a long time to gather up the courage to actually paint it,  (way another story!)

Time was beginning to run out on me, so about a month ago I resolutely took it down and began the face lift...

There was no 'turning back' once I had started. I really am quite pleased with the transformation, and happy too that I could use paint I already had and not need to buy any.

                         a  closer look of the lines that were perfect for a hint of gold


After the clock returned to it's place on the wall, and all verdicts were in on Mom's latest painting adventure, needless to say time didn't stand still  but continued to march along.

it's home and the desk objects beside it.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.