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Friday, 23 August 2013

Pause and Reflect

been thinking about this word and it's many implications...


send something back: to redirect something that strikes a surface, especially light, sound, or heat, usually back toward its point of origin

connects with my word of the year  which I had semi forgotten....


thinking on this challenging quote.....

      You cannot impart something which you do not possess.......
                                        (Dr David Jeremiah)

breakfast outside,
crazy, happy, kids.
watching Oliver Twist,
back to school shopping,
getting ready for one last hurrah.....
at one of my favorite places.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Night Flower Promenade

I walk as quietly as I can  past the silent tent. The only sound is the flip flop sound of my sandals kissing the soles of my feet. Whoever named them flip flops certainly could not have picked a better name.                                                                                                                   

 I remember my first pair of the long coveted, flip flops. They were purchased at the Elmira sidewalk sale. One of the traditions and highlights of my childhood summers was to see all the vendors out on the sidewalk and if the sale was right, we just may end up with an exciting purchase. One advantage of a large family is the joy derived from sharing one anothers belongings. There is very few mine items. There is mostly ours.
But those flip flops were mine. Now I still buy a new pair every summer. Although I don't wear them as much anymore, they are still perfect for the beach or the garden.

Any how, I am on my way past the tent ,where my two youngest have been dreaming peacefully for the last hour.
They had set it up for a sleepover with a friend last evening, and now to maximize the experience they are once again tucked in for the night. 
The moon is full tonight and it's ambiance is enough to lure me from the confines of brick and mortar to a mysterious, windowless existence. 
Here darkness lightly cloaks the garden, and the row of yellow gladiola look like lanterns lit for a special occasion. I admire this even though it was disappointing to have all yellow.
 After years of glads in varied colours, somehow they have all turned yellow.
 The science behind this eludes me. I am left to conjure up a metaphor in my mind,
  and enjoy yellow glads!

So here I am brandishing my knife at the sunflowers towering above me. 
They have all grown from seeds that have come up voluntarily.Since most of the annuals I had planted in front of the house have died, there is a need for a pop of colour there.
 I thought of this as I pulled into the driveway today after our swim at a neighbours pool.
 I  sense I have company out here in my twilight garden, and see Canyon our dog has wandered out with me,the strong and silent type.

Now the sunflowers are cut and although it was difficult to see what they really looked like by moonlight, I hold the sturdy stems hopefully and  swish through the evening to place the sunflowers in my front porch bucket.
 I try to be  quiet but what is often the case in these scenarios, one thing leads to another as I move a chair and arrange my bouquet. " Mom?" says my son through the open window. 
 " Oh, yes it's just me." I reply. He may have gotten used to his Mom the night owl, but she isn't usually prowling around on the front porch.


  Satisfied with my evening promenade, I turn to  go inside.
 I can't resist glancing back though, at the bouquet beaming brightly in the gathering night.



a little did you know?? sunflowers will droop if picked during daylight, they need to be picked either after dusk or at dawn.

Monday, 19 August 2013

More Than Froth and Bubble

There was a very intriguing package waiting for me when I arrived home after my week of cooking at camp....

My girls ohhhhhed and ahhhhhhhed with me, as we admired it's contents.
 such a special treat from a sweet, young blogger.


I love connections and connecting...my favorite aspect of blogging is this,
so to be able to have a tangible reminder in my hands of connections, and how important they are, makes me so happy....
                     thank-you again Megan for the give-away.You are so kind.

although there was a lot to catch up on after a week away, we made time to get out on the water on a near by lake...

my philosophy; 
work will wait....children grow up too quick.
so make the most of moments....before they are gone, 
and you wonder where they went.

filling a barrel with bubbles yesterday...(a game for the kids at our family reunion)

                          as I watched I thought of the quote...

            "Life is mostly froth and bubble,two things stand like stone,
            Kindness in another's trouble, courage in your own".(Adam Lindsay Gordon.)

   I'm thankful for a life that is rich, and not just froth and bubble.
for relationships that are meaningful but also teach me grace and mercy.

I'm thankful for the unknown, because I know the Hand who holds it will never stop holding me.

So I pause here on the threshold of a new week....breathe in peace...
                                                            and slowly exhale.


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Waves Of Thankfulness

                    He stilled the storm to a whisper,
          the waves of the sea were hushed.
           They were glad when it grew calm, 
          and He guided them to their desired haven.
                           Psalms 107:29-30.

Few things bring perspective to my heart more, than standing beside water and seeing waves roll relentlessly to the shore. 
The sheer force and beauty of it is inspiring and ever so humbling.

I took this video on our recent holiday, at the beach close by. My two youngest and friends, had been determined to go for a night time swim. 
I am so glad, because as we came down the long hill that leads to the beach, and they kicked off their flip flops and ran to the water, I stood and simply gazed in awe at a most brilliant canvas.

I don't know what kind of week you've had, but at times waves of worry and anxiety can also feel relentless. I wrestle these at times. 
Then this week I came across the verse above. It was exactly what I needed. 
God stills the storm to a whisper. He guides us to our desired haven.

What could be better than that? 

and then it goes on to say....

Let them give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love,
              and His wonderful deeds for men. Psalm 107:31

for summer weather...long days,comfortable nights.
for safety in travels.
for daughter counselling at camp all summer.
for her weekends home.
for knowing this is only the beginning.
for being able to cook at the camp this week.
that my youngest two & cousin can be there with me.
garden fare...
for suppers on the grill...corn,zucchini,peppers,tomato,sausage.
potatoes from the garden.
blueberries.....(from store)
children humming 
son strumming
creative children
spared head lice ( after finding out someone we had over had it)
making applesauce,
and pickles,
daughter excited for next year.
her feeling better after a nasty summer flu bug.
bouquets by the sink.
trips to the library and the calm it induces.


            I  hope your week brings you moments to feel and be thankful for little things...
                                like sand on bare feet.....
                                                   ~Blessings ~


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bits Of Gladness

Where have I been?
Let's just say I'm savouring the moments that make summer my favourite season.....

aren't glads delightful? 
                        a bouquet by the sink....

               and a bouquet of lily & hydrangea here...

on a recent trip to Michigan ( with our youngest three )
                                                     we visited the Olive Garden...

I had to exercise restraint in my photo taking here and simply enjoy...
     it was very tasty.... and oh the decor!!! I loved it.

we also visited TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby....(we have similar stores in Canada,but I'd heard about these..)
 but why oh why was it closing in ten minutes......it's crazy, but when the store is almost closing...I really want to shop...

                              so this magazine was all we bought..

               back home...

                     a bit of a pickle here...

                  I leave you with another garden photo...

 Like life gardens are a lot of toil. But when we see what grows from our labour we rejoice. When something doesn't we hope for something else next year. Gardeners have to be optimistic  and resilient.
I find I am at peace in the garden, and I realize it is not because I am in charge of what is here...but because I can trust the ultimate Gardener who is.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Oblivious Observation

                      The late summer warmth coaxed the flowers
                               on her tea cup into full bloom.


The other day I happened to be at the quarry close to our home.I had taken my son and his friends swimming and since they were all able to swim without too much supervision, I took an air mattress and floated in oblivion in the glorious sunshine.
The    rocks at the side of this quarry pose as a spot to jump off of into the water below.
I was watching this from the luxury of my air mattress when my ears picked up the sound of a father in conversation with his daughter. She was contemplating jumping from the edge, but was unsure of herself.Her father was cheering her on, in every possible way.
It was clear he believed in her ability. It was his job to  bolster her confidence  and courage.  Nervously  she'd stand at the edge looking down into the refreshing pool below. Then she would  step back  to let someone else  take there turn. All the while down below her father patiently kept waiting,offering her tips and advice in the most assuring manner.
 My mind had drifted elsewhere, when suddenly I heard her exclaim in an exhilarating voice as she surfaced "that was the scariest thing I've done in my life!!!"
"I know, I know," was her father's enthusiastic  response, "I'm so proud of you! I knew you could do it!!"

I'm touched and strangely enough, encouraged by this scene.By
the unreserved belief the father had in his daughter, the trust the daughter had in him.But most of all by the power that encouraging words have ,and the result thereof.

                    Encouragement is to hearts,
                                 what sunshine is to flowers.
                    and we sure need a lot of it;
                            in this harsh world of ours.

this is a repost from last summer...I wanted to remind myself about the power of encouraging words....