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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Dwelling Here A Little...


In between the picking of bouquets and the preserving of the fruits of summer... I ponder.

The word dwelling has been on my mind lately. (I guess you could say I am dwelling on it a bit:)

 We pour much time and energy into our dwellings, making them a haven. A resting place and a long exhale. 
After all isn't coming home the best part of leaving?

 I also couldn't help but relate our dwellings to our thoughts...what do I dwell on? I pray my thoughts are seasoned with grace and gratitude...

Thoughts are powerful,  and often expressed in our words and actions....

The other day my son picked up all the stones from my garden path.... He worked hard and I should have taken a photo but I was in the midst of a mountain of corn... so you know.

In the evening I snapped one though as he decided to watch a movie
 from his hammock...

Somehow the stones which were so easy to assemble but much harder to remove,,, got me thinking about words...
literally impossible to remove, making it all of more importance what I am thinking about..

I realise I have only brushed the surface of dwelling and all its implications...
I am thankful for all one simple word can sometimes inspire, as I place the final embellishment on my newly painted, kitchen chalk board.


                 (only painted the frame, the actual board needs a fresh coat of paint too!)

                                                                Thanks for visiting!
                                                                            ~ Lucy~

Thursday, 20 August 2015

August Bouquets

I'm sure I am not the only one who finds the month of August to be exactly that; A gust!
       A gust that billows in the epitome of summer time...

                     wheat bunch with hydrangea, zinnias and cosmos in a favorite old pitcher.

So far this month we have had two weddings, one  50th anniversary celebration, a week where I cooked for a camp, birthdays, beaches, boating, babysitting and we are not done yet!

The weeks and days feel like they are being whisked away,

                                    golden applesauce and glads...

which is why I love to gather bouquets.
It feels like preservation on many levels for me... the gathering, the placing, the enjoyment. 


A little like the last month of summer, (unofficially anyhow) 


                              do you see the L, O, V, E...

This is how we extend the moments; by arranging summer's bounty and beauty into decorative bouquets.  By being aware of the seasons blooms and knowing that is enough.


The tangible display of a hearts  unutterable.


and then cake pops. A sweet bouquet for the next celebration.
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Writing Love Stories

   On the weekend my husband and I were guests at our nephews wedding.                     

 The weather was perfect...the setting idyllic, on the brides beautiful country property.

I adore weddings, and I tend to get carried away with the nuances.                      

Whether it is the music stirring the air with it's romance and grace, or the airplane droning above while vows are being said.

or the children dressed up, but climbing trees anyhow.

The flowers and lights...smiles and faces young and old.


The window of green beyond the festivities, 

     and the rich, summertime fare.                                              

I am not antisocial, oh no this is simply me absorbing the beauty,
 as two lovers begin the dance......the first dance of their lives.

                      As two souls unite and dreams requite.