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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Last Dance


Do you ever just know with out a doubt, that certain blooms, and many times the sweetest blooms, wait until everything is just right.

Long after the others shone and were picked into pretty bouquets...

The best ones wait for the right time, and somehow they leave an impression on your soul?


as I took pictures last evening I couldn't help but feel like I was dancing summer's finale...

Happy last day of summer, 2015.

Friday, 18 September 2015

The Chalk Paint Chronicles (and Moderation)

About a year ago, I dipped my brush into the can of paint to begin my first chalk paint project. I haven't looked back since...
It has been a wonderful year of trial, error and tears.  No actually no tears, just happy smiles as I finish something and gently plan and dream the next redo.
I say gently, because here for all parties involved, change is best made s l o w l y...
( ha, even for me, who am I kidding!)

Here are most of the things that were painted with chalk paint during this year...and at the end you'll see what I am considering to paint, e v e n t u a l l y ... maybe..
     sorry for not having before photos,

           the desk in my girls ( now the younger two) room was the guinea pig!
which led up to the china cabinet in my kitchen..
 still my favourite project to date...

I also painted out the orangey brown vanity in the laundry room...                                  

and a table for the family room..

this summer an old beat up end table from the basement, found a spot in my son's room.

my latest endeavour was this cute ladder I found in a thrift store while with second daughter one day...I'll see if she needs it for her apartment in Toronto...

It's hard to tell here, but it was pink before...and now it's the last of the hutch's french linen 

So now the moment to ask / share what I am contemplating painting next....

a beautiful clock from hubby many years ago...( I mean the clock, not hubby and yes he is beautiful too!)

Yes, No, Neutral???
I hope I haven't created any enemies!!

Here is the room it quietly resides in...beside the lovely desk which for the record I will NEVER chalk paint!
I don't think so anyway....but then again... 

because I believe...


Happy Weekend, thanks for visiting!
to be continued...

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Summer, Surrender and Sunflowers

Summer is still putting on a show most days...
The sunflowers are happy like sunflowers should be...

I've noticed though they are bowing their heads...
It's like they know the inevitable awaits.


  I love watching nature surrender.
 there is a sacredness in the surrender that summer succumbs to.


I get that. Summer and I are kindred spirits..
We understand each other and share comfortable silence.

So while I tend to the duties of daily life
I press close each faded bloom that summer leaves me.
love letters of fond devotion are folded in each petal


in increments small but tender
 I release each gift back to the Giver.


           and like the sunflowers bow my head in late day sun.


                     a field of sunflowers I photographed this summer

You may know by now, that few things make me more sentimental than summer's end and children growing up. They are actually quite synonymous to me, but no thing is forever, except the faithfulness of our God  in each and every season, and that makes the surrender 

Freedom comes after surrender <-- let go. surrender. taste freedom. http://www.minnesota.christianexaminer.com/Articles/Apr12/Art_Apr12_04.html: t
via pinterest

ever thought of drying sunflowers? Here is a link to tell you how...

Monday, 14 September 2015

Affording Luxury

After a very cool weekend weather wise, the sun is shining here today.

and after suddenly being hit with with flu, I also am starting to shine.

Wow, I have been blessed with such good health and being knocked flat for a few days certainly reminds me not to take it for granted ever...

          decided to bring a few hydrangea in to dry,
I love this colour and hope they stay this way after drying. I have often waited to dry until October when they turn lovely pink, but I'll likely pick more than.

                                        a few yummy peaches waiting for a jar...

                                 and with the hints of fall in the air, indoor greenery is essential.

                                   my kitchen sink window. I don't think I could function without it.             
       there is almost always a breeze wafting through it, making me feel like I am out doors. off in the trees you'll see the hammock my girls crafted with an old comforter, many fun times spent there.

                     an easy way to add greenery on a wall...

     because I really believe this quote found on pinterest.


I really believe that is the key, whether the things are tangible or intangible, like feeling better after the flu, a luxury indeed.


Friday, 11 September 2015

Unfathomable but Real

There are few things that connect a diverse crowd like that of a sunset. Observed this recently as I was in the midst of a busy beach scene at dusk.

How interesting that midst all the noise and hub bub the sun silently stole the show.
Made me glad we hadn't quite had time to get ice cream before and head to the quiet part of the beach like planned.
As all of us watched and madly took photos, the sun gracefully slid out of sight.

I marveled at the magnificent Artist behind the sunset.
The One who placed that unfathomable bond between humanity and heaven.

 While it is still day, we must do the works of the one who sent me. Night is coming. Then no one can work. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” John 9, 4&5

for the record ice cream was enjoyed here on the grass,
back stage, wish I had a better photo but there are moments especially while eating ice cream 
 and listening to music, that one must simply be...right?

Happy Weekend,
 may it perhaps even include your favorite ice cream!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Back To Beginnings

         The abandoned art table in the basement says it all....                                                  
                          the quote says that's the trouble in this world, too many people grow up. (Walt Disney)

It's that time of year again. I open my eyes on that back to school and routine morning and decide rain is an appropriate synopsis for September sentimentality.  The summer in all of it's breath taking brevity always ends too soon,and ready or not that old school bus trundles it's way up the hill to pick up my children. And ready or not I accept the relentless march of time and constant motion of change.
I watch them go with a mixture of emotions.Them so independent and ready to 'take on the world.'...
Me;  not sure how they will survive.
There is much I don't understand....

Then I remember lying in the waves at the lake. Their  gentle motion soothe my spirit and I feel brave and fearless. Undaunted by all the uncertainties that are certain to blur my faith on days.
But here midst the fluid motion of the water, the ethereal blanket of sky stretched above me I feel confident and unafraid.

We were altogether as a family, a rare treat in and of it's self, but we were also by the lake and there is no place here on earth that is better than creating sun drenched family memories. We end off the summer together and I cherish each fleeting moment.



They are growing up; or they have grown up, and back home alone in my kitchen,that feels so clean in comparison to the woods and beach,  I bite into a juicy over ripe pear, that should have been preserved before we left. I wipe the juice from my chin thankful. 
Reveling in a summer well spent, days, moments. memories created and loved.

I will keep my heart wide open, like the surface of a lake. Wide open like a lake. (Sara Groves)