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Sunday, 29 July 2012

If I Could...

If I could...I'd scale the wall that keeps us at such a distance.

If that would change things.

If I could ...I'd RUN hard and fast like the wind,
I'd go great distances, and cover much ground.

to see if that would
change things.

If I could I'd build a bridge,with
my own hands, straight to you.
             via google                                                 
                                                               to see a change.
If I could I'd fly above,I'd fly to you.
                                                                         via google

If I could I'd swim the deepest,raging waters,
 to see the change.

But; I can't run, swim, climb or build anything that will change
  the way it is.

I can wait and while I wait I'll live.
            I'll Love.
I'll hold this Hope right here inside.

And  I'll wait and live,to see a change

                                                                                   image via google
Climbing, climbing, climbing.

          a little note about myself... I tend to be a relational type of person, and sometimes those relationships leave me craving ,
                 deeper, more meaningful ,relationships.
       I wrote the above at such a time.


Saturday, 28 July 2012

Acknowledging Beauty

           May  FLOWERS of every hue and colour
                      adorn your path......
                                and may you have TIME  to notice.



                    May they remind you of the beauty;
                            of every soul on earth.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Desperate Times

"Pray for rain" her last words ring in my head as we parted.We had just had a "catch up "conversation as  our lives had taken different directions and our paths didn't seem to cross quite as often anymore.
Her request feels like a reprimand. I'm the one who should be saying this. I'm the one who believes in the power of prayer.
It's not that I've given up praying for rain ,I still do.But one thing is certain  our heavenly Father knows we have need of all these things.Matthew 6:8

Do the desperate times make me pray harder? Or do they make me trust more? God is good. It's that simple or complicated.It depends on my outlook and how I view my world. Faith is believing in what we can't see. I can implore the heavens to water the earth or I can simply with childlike faith, rest in the knowledge of His goodness.

                Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of,
prayer is not designed to inform God, but to give man sight of
          his misery; to humble his heart, to excite his desire,
     to inflame his faith,to animate his hope, to raise his soul
                         from earth to heaven.
                                  ( Clarke's Commentary)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Some Summer Staples

Summer is undoubtedly my favorite season.

I guess that's why my youngest daughter is named after it.We spell it: Sommer. Sommer Jade she is. My mother-in-law wrote the sweetest comment in her baby card..."now you'll have summer year round." 
Here is a peek at a  few things of what I love about the season...
porch sitting

comfy skirts and sandals
 (ever have a pair of shoes call your name as you're going by? that's what happened here!)
sweet sisters

serendipity (need an S word!)
Scrumptious Salads

Impromptu Swims to the stream to cool off

                                                Spectacular Skies

 FLOWERS...it wouldn't feel like summer without them
I love glads.even the name evokes happiness.
This year, they speak to me of strength.
They have had less than ideal conditions;
dry, hot and windy.
Some are bent over;but they still bloom.
Summer; the season I long for all year, and then find myself enduring some days. I'm not sure why. So much joy to be had,
right here,right now.

Heart and Hearth
"Every summer has a story..."

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Let the Children Play..

I was reminded of this poem recently. I had our mini van packed and we were driving through a sprawling , metropolis of  million dollar mansions on our way to a swimming area on the edge of the city. from the back of the van someone asks "are these people rich?"

Hmmm" I reply , "it depends on  what you mean." My eyes take in the enormous, pristine, homes  and their  sprawling triple car garages. Manicured lawns and gardens leave no evidence of anyone actually living here.
 I know the answer. "rich "cannot be measured by material wealth. Sometimes it's just good to be reminded.

             My House... 
I like to see a lovely lawn
Bediamonded with the dew at dawn.
But mine is often trampled bare,
Because the youngsters gather there.

I like a spotless house and clean
Where many a touch of grace is seen,
But mine is often tossed about,
By youngsters racing in and out.

I like a quiet house at night
Where I may sit to read and write,
But my peace flies before the tones
Of three brass throated saxophones.

My books to tumult are resigned,
In vain my furniture is shined,
My lawn is bare,my flowers fall,
Youth rides triumphant over all.

I love the grass, I love the rose,
And every living thing that grows.
I love the books I ponder o'er,
But , oh I love the children more!

And so unto myself I say;
Be mine the house where youngsters play.
Oh, little girl,oh, healthy boy,
Be mine the house which you enjoy!

            Edgar A Guest.




Monday, 16 July 2012

Weekend Wrapup

The weekend wraps up....I am grateful for..
.time spent with friends, time spent with family. Is there a difference ?

Time on the water, boating, tubing.

A LITTLE rain shower,to water this parched land.

A gift from niece and her hubby who are visiting here from Germany. We will enjoy!

Garden produce. Lettuce, beans, potatoes.

Happy children, sitting on swing to take ends off beans while they listen to " Adventures in Odyssey"

For a hubby who works hard to provide, but also enjoys time with his family. We are blessed . 
 I pray a blessing on you and your week ahead. May you feel loved .

                          Here we are....outstanding in our field!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

On Purpose

I love to find new uses for old things. I'm sure this is something we all do from time to time but I'll share a few ways I've re purposed a few items around here....

 This gate is none other than a single bed headboard...

An old ladder is a great trellis for my clematis.
(just won't seem to bloom though?)
Love my old bike; which makes me feel like I'm in the south of France, and may bike to market on a whim.

This is vignette is a bit forsaken behind my tool shed...

My front porch has this long ago garage sale find of an old light...
been painted a few different colours but has been black the longest.

Well there you have it . I hope you enjoyed and please DO come again. I'll leave you with this quote I like...

"May your life; like a bunch of flowers, be made up of usefulness and beauty."

Monday, 9 July 2012

Squeeze Every Drop


If  lemons make lemonade should I make the best of time spent in the shade?

Yes. I agree that days in the sun are carefree and winsome; but life must have some SHADOW.

This is our cherry tree. It should be loaded with luscious fruit but due to eratic weather in the spring; it is empty.



image via goggle
In the empty times we learn how to trust, how to squeeze every drop.We learn we can give... even when we never thought we could; if this ever happened to us.
Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade...

Yes, lemons make lemonade and God's perfect will says I'm in control , so Peace be still.
Make every moment the best it can be....     image via goggle
And precious child leave the rest to me.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Moon Metaphor

Recently I was the spectator to a magnificent show in the sky.

Canada Day fireworks accompanied by an almost full moon.

I thought it seemed quite a unique scene and the poignancy struck me deeply.

Here we are sitting on the grass our eyes glued to the blaze of fireworks splayed brilliantly,
 over our piece of the hemisphere.

Suddenly my eyes are drawn to the right; and I see the moon shining with grace and modesty in a style all her own.

I am moved by this........ the intense, brilliance of the fireworks , quite in juxtaposition to the gentle,reserved, gracious manner of the moon.

I leave that evening with this profound image in my mind as I ponder the meaning of it's message.

                                                                                                                      image via goggle

"Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. "
                          Philippians 4:5


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Common Day

Today was one of my favourite kind of days...
   just a common ,ordinary day.No where I needed to go. The first day that really felt like summer holidays with the children home from school.This morning we baked a little and we made this baked oatmeal.I put in some of the raspberries my youngest girls kindly picked for me.

The raspberries are tiny, as we are having a very, dry summer.

It's yummy with fruit and milk,and makes breakfast seem more interesting. 

Later I spent some time weeding ,and helped with a nightgown that daughter Jasmine was sewing.

I hope summer is finding you stopping to smell the flowers or meandering along some country lane or
simply sitting on your porch and listening to the world go by.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Still Celebrating Canada

"God keep our land glorious and free...."

this is what my prayer has been today, too often I grumble when I need to be grateful.I am priviledged to live in a wonderful country.
It is God who has blessed this land and it is something that should not be taken lightly.On Sunday our speaker mentioned the verse where there is no vision the people perish Proverbs 29:18
May God guide our politians in charge of our country .

photos from the archives taken of fireworks over the parliament buildings in Ottawa.