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Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Prayer For You


Sometimes I say a prayer for you,
I pray for what ever it is that you're feeling right now.
I pray about your unknowns ;and also for the knowns.
I pray about the bridges and dams that must sometimes be resurrected.
I pray that you never feel like you are walking alone.
I pray about the stormy seasons that are sure to come.
And I pray for the sunny weather times, when it's easy to forget to pray.

Sometimes I say a prayer for you,
I Want You To Feel Loved.
I pray that shadows never stay longer ,than the sunshine.
And I pray that although seasons come and go,
That your heart always stays open to love
And that your eyes always stay closed to faults.

I say a prayer from the bottom of my heart for you, and I thank God for you today.

Martin Luther King Jr.


I am celebrating my first anniversary of blogging! What a crazy, fun year. Thank-you for coming with me.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

What A Decade Does

              this photo was taken ten years ago.my daughter found it recently and it stirred up memories of these days when everyone was little.A few look slightly out of sorts and I'm wondering why,? My two year old here is twelve now, when I found this picture I gave her a hug...'to make up for that day I said'...

Ten years, oh the difference they have made.
So much has changed, and so much has stayed.
I wish I could stop that hand of time
Before it steals from me more moments divine.

Ten years ago, your needs were small.
To be loved and cared for, that was all.
Now at times I wish I could stay
By your sides and keep all harm away.

Ten years have shown me loves precious face
As I watched you grow and explore your place
In this great, big world -  that is ever so small
And you fly a little and occasionally fall.

Ten years from now, I'll look back on this
With fondness, and cherish it's tender bliss.
I'll remember when you were all here at home
And I'll pray that your heart never feels alone.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Our Merry Familiar Christmas

              Merry Christmas, I trust you had a lovely day, celebrating the wonderful birthday of our King!

from left to right, the vintage paper dolls I found for my youngest,my youngest girls with their dolls from a few years ago,the outfits were sewn by big sister,hubby and oldest girl with gifts,my daughter gave me this lovely frame filled with photos she altered creatively,happy with CD,and sporting our knitted creations by my daughter. I love that they like to give as well.

We have extended family events this weekend, so Christmas day was spent here at home surrounded by each other. I so cherish these times, as it seems with older children now and the hustle and bustle of their lives, time all together is precious and rare.

I know I must adjust to this reality; as no doubt it will keep on that way for a while....(smile here)

We attended our beautiful Christmas eve service last evening at our church.It is always a very special evening,  which includes a candle light service and carol sing.

Christmas morning begins with very excited children waking up too early, and running downstairs to inspect the prospects.After suspense has reached its limit,one child is summoned to wake up Mom and Dad.
It really isn't too hard to comply, as we really are still children too on Christmas morning. (smile)

It has been a longstanding tradition in our family to read the Christmas story in Luke 2, before we open our presents.This year my youngest read it to us as she sat cross legged on the coffee table,this story always seems to bring out a new truth to me, this year I pondered the fact of Jesus being born in a barn, and how that alone is such a humble beginning to a lifetime of magnificent phenomenon.

The presents are opened, and hugs and thanks all around. I really try not to over do the gifts.A few gifts for each ,something that person will use and enjoy.
Christmas breakfast is fruit and cinnamon buns( always a hit) which I made yesterday.

The next few hours were spent engaging in any type of formal or informal activity of choice. Sometimes called chillaxing or veging or loafing , oh and also staying in your pajamas for far too long!
But really if you can't do this on Christmas; when can you?

(tiny blurp...this year I wrapped the gifts and put each person's into a plastic tote, for something different.Now they have this box to use for storage later on.)

My husband's gift to me was a KOBO reader.I am certainly NOT ready to replace books, but I look forward to learning this device. Actually I should say I look forward to having my husband learn the device and explaining it to me.( Yes, he happens to be the technological one of the two of us) I much prefer having him figure it out.(smile)
Later on in the day we played a fun new game called Apples to Apples.A gift from my daughter's boyfriend.
It is a fun way to laugh and learn,( I had fun reading the cards)and simply being together.

Most of us dispersed to the outdoors later on, no snow forts or snowball fights this year,simply clean, crisp, fresh air to inhale with much gusto.My daughter and her boyfriend took a few horses out for a jaunt, and since I had recently disclosed the fact that I had never even so much as sat on one of our horses, my daughter decided this was going to be the day! I don't have a picture for proof but I really did get up on the horse as she walked it around. Quite fun indeed. By the way, only one of the horses is technically ours, the others belong to someone else.
                                            my oldest and her boyfriend

We enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner complete with stuffing,and sweet potatoes and Christmas cookies for dessert. The red juice in the glasses is currant juice which I canned in the summer.
We all felt filled from the inside out, as we ended the evening with the wonderful,
 classic Miracle On 34th Street movie.

Tonight I am thankful for loving family and a peaceful heart and home.For many people Christmas brings much hurt and pain to the surface, as rifts in relationships are made obvious. I pray  those things  be averted here in this place; our temporary dwelling, and for healing and grace wherever they may be.

Friday, 21 December 2012

My Feathered Nest In Fine Form

It's time for Feather My Nest Friday,so today I'd like to share my study/ piano/sitting by the laptop room.
yes, I have a white couch with five children. It isn't spotless ,
                                                         but I'm okay with that.

                 this trunk I treasure, it belonged to my husband's grandmother.
                   I have it filled with photo albums.

     my kids play piano here.... five kids have had lessons on this piano. I love to hear them play .(most days) Lately Christmas carols have filled this room.



                                   this light was salvaged from a dump...

             This is where I read and write....

              I fell in love with these drapes when I saw them.
                     They add just that touch of glam which I like.

 This room has a story; like many rooms do, the floor we changed shortly after we lived here. I sold flowers from my garden and then a wood stove to be able to afford it at that time.  The piano was also purchased by saving money in a tin for a few summers of selling birdbaths.
The couch has a bit of a story as I saw it advertised in the newspaper and liked it. I thought it fit perfectly into my then Victorian themed, wallpapered ,living room. After I tired of that; I planned to get rid of it and purchase more contemporary furniture.
 Somehow it took on a new look (or was it me) when I  painted the room a brown colour a few years ago. Now my strong feelings of either like or dislike for the couch have dissolved into a sort of passive oblivion.
 Time will tell how long it remains a stoic member of this family.

Thank-you for visiting, I hope you had a cup of tea in your hand,
and warm, happy thoughts in your heart and home.

Giving;The Best Gift Ever


"IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE ,THAN TO RECEIVE,." I heard that countless times throughout my childhood, as my parents did everything they could to impress on  myself and my nine other siblings the real meaning of Christmas,and the joy that is found in giving small, but ever so meaningful gestures, and tributes of love and appreciation.
 Back then I knew it was true, but I could not convince myself it was more FUN to give than to receive.

Time has a way of making things clearer, and life comes around full circle I have found. Despite my resolve to not include  certain service people this year, due to incidences or situations that I don't necessarily agree with, I could not keep myself from recanting -because I KNOW now...it really is more blessed to give than to receive.
(Thank-you Mom and Dad)
So here I am last evening and this morning rushing around to make cookie plates and package up homemade bread....
and here I am this morning, wiping away silly tears as I wave to our bus driver after my daughter hands him the package and I watch him accept our small token of Christmas love.

251-a light covering of snow, 252-child thanking Him 253- a wonderful little Christmas concert last evening,254-safety on the slippery roads,255-baking closer to done, 256-done shopping,257- the clean smell of bleach, 258-horse shed finished!! 259-for the girl who cut my husbands hair although their was a misunderstanding about the time,260-healthy children,261-lunch with my friend,262-neighbour finally has the pins removed from her pelvis and can stand up after 3 months,263-heaven; for that beautiful seventeen year old girl killed in a car accident,264-prayers and support for the family,265-bread baking,266-sweet potatoes,267-lunch with mother-in-law,268,kissing hubby good-bye every morning,269-hubby kissing me when he comes home,270-children's excitement,272-Christmas light glow.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Week So Far...

                  This angel plays Jesus Loves Me...a gift from a coworker, years ago,
                                      I still pull it out every Christmas.....


So even now as we weep, and our tears know no end.
We hold out a candle of Hope
Because one day our sorrows will cease,
And we will dance with the angels.
 ( this was written a few days ago, as I thought about the latest tragedy ,
                  and how I want my faith to override my fears.)

Christmas preparations are happening in all shapes and sizes....
My oldest is home from college for Christmas break and I enjoyed shopping a little with her on Monday, yesterday was busy with baking and school activities and then last evening we had a Mom and daughter shopping trip.( I'm shopped out by the way!) I wish I would of had my camera to take a picture of us on the bench waiting.
 I sat there first, as I waited for my oldest with her two younger sisters, soon they sauntered past as I was quite enjoying my people watching or should I say boot watching,( so fun to see all the different boots out there.) Eventually my second daughter ( the fashionista in our family)came along, and we chatted and laughed together. So special, as it really is a rare occurrence to all be together in one place. 
Today I met with a dear lady I met seven months ago in the spring. My husband and I had gone to look at a motorcycle(that's another story for another time...)While I was admiring this ladies flower beds, she came over and we started a conversation and soon discovered we had similar interests. Their was such a grace and cordiality about this person as she took me around her charming  yard and house. When we sat down on her comfortable deck with a glass of ice tea and began talking about books, I had a knew we were kindred spirits.We didn't buy the motorcycle, but I came home with the knowledge I had a new friend. We have been updating each other through emails, and today we met again in person. Four hours later and almost forgetting to actually order lunch, we parted; she driving west, and I east,to our respective  homes and families.

 I really believe friends are like a beautiful patchwork quilt, each one bringing such beauty and joy in a real and wonderful way, that we know we could never part with it but treasure and repeat the meaning that each patch (or friendship) holds to us.

Later after school my daughter wanted to make truffles. The easiest recipe ever.......
crush 36 oreos, add 1 brick of cream cheese that has been whipped...(thanks Janet)
she had fun mixing and realizing we had used too small a bowl so let's just say a few truffles came off the floor, but we tried to use the ten second rule.Dip in melted chocolate after chilled.

All's well that ends well, and my house is quiet as the other members here are away enjoying other activities(except for my son who is on the couch not feeling well)I pray it won't last long....
as the momentum picks up to what is waiting; just around the corner.....

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Oh Yes, There WILL Be A Day

                                             please listen to the song.....

 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up 
                their wounds.
                      Psalm 147:3

Friday, 14 December 2012

From Our Farm..To You.

Here is a couple of pictures for you from our farm...

                          my two youngest had an impromptu day off school as the teachers had a one day strike,(enough said) here they are brushing one horse, and I really wonder what the other one is thinking...

               a menagerie of sorts ....one of our cats, our dog;
 Canyon, don't you just love those eyes?
               a fine feathered chicken, and our remaining three; sheep...Snap, Crackle and Pop.


I couldn't resist adding this photo, even though dear Quacker (duck) has passed on and also the rooster which I admit I had a love/hate relationship with.. you would understand if you've ever been woken up by incessant crowing..... may they rest easy.
I do miss them on occasion...

                 Thanks so much for stopping by our farm....my hubby thinks we should name it
                                                                                                                       Touch and Go Farm.:)
Peace and Blessings on your week ahead:
                 ~ Lucy~

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Forever Praise

        You're the Hope in a new sunrise,
         breaking over our desperate lives.
                   (Sanctus Real)

Oh God, when I consider how you hold this great ,big earth
And yet you are the One that gives our lives their worth.
There is so much that we can only begin to understand,
And yet you give us grace as we fumble through this land.

I'm so sorry for the times, when I think that I can do it on my own.
 'Cos Lord I know that it is pride, and not your righteousness I've shown.
You take away the dark, when you give us light.
You make daybreak, from a curtain of night.

The seas rage on by Your control,
And yet You care about each lonely soul,
So Father please extend your love
And your long arm of mercy from up above.

Our lives are vapor, that you have ordained.
To believe we are more, is foolish and vain.
Forever I'll be, here at your feet
As I sing, live and love until one day we meet.

This morning for devotions we read Job 38. The enormity and power of God suddenly overwhelmed me, as I pondered His greatness
 and the heavens up above.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Never This Again

please listen to the song...


I realise I am probably more sentimental than I should be....
but when it dawned on me that today is 12-12-2012, that after midnight tonight this day will be history and there will never be another repetitive day like 12-12-12, something in me wanted to hold on. I wanted to stop time for a few more precious moments, because in life's circle, moments and days seem to pass by and I don't want to miss them  because I was too busy to notice the glistening promise.

It's like when I hold a newborn baby and I know that in a blink this child will grow, stretch and fly.
 I want to hold, hold and hold this time.
My youngest offered her condolences "in eighty-nine years will be the next one she said 01-01-01. I'll be ninety-nine she announced'.

Innocent words that play on my subconscious feelings.

"This day is a gift," I say to myself with firm resolve. 
I will cherish this day, because truth be told their are no second chances on any given day.
All I can do with a gift is open it with awe and full awareness of the Giver's intent. A gift should be cherished and remembered with fondness and love.

Exactly what I want to do with this day.

                         (photo credits to my daughter here)

221-Christmas shopping,222-realising simplicity is beautiful,223- knowing some traditions must be kept,224-daughter liking her job,225-packing lunches each morning,226-that red sun setting outside my window,227-baking cookies for the prison ministry,228-delicious soup made by a friend,229-attending that spectacular Christmas music production,230-supper after with good ,old friends,231-seeing the affection as my mother-in-law says good-bye to her sister-in-law she was visiting,232-knowing all people need and are capable of giving and receiving love,233-the journey of mother/daughter relationship, 234- feeling so blessed but sometimes inept to raise them,235-knowing God will provide wisdom,236-TRUST,237- GRACE -238-HOPE always,239-girls making gifts,240-the ahhh moment when a truth sinks in, 241, that red sun rising outside my window, 242-the ability to help needy people,243,liking the way the railing looks decorated,244-a brisk walk with a friend, 245- a listening ear, 246-sympathies of friendship,247-finishing knitting hat,248-daughter making card for a friend,249-living day by day in His presence,250-on line shopping,251-the beauty of symmetry .

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Traditions To Remember

Every December for about the last ten years, the small school my children attend from kindergarten to grade six puts forth a big effort to treat our teachers, bus drivers and custodial staff to a turkey dinner complete with trimmings.
My contribution for the last seven years or so has been the mashed potatoes. My trusty  potato peeler gets a good workout peeling sixty pounds of potatoes and then cooking and mashing them with milk and of course butter.
'Many hands make light work' and this is always a great prelude to Christmas as everyone is glad to join in and celebrate the festive occasion.

here are a few pictures...                  some of the potatoes.. big pots are great :)

serving hands...

my youngest enjoying her lunch.(one more year and she will be out of this school)

the tree with food bank donations...
I want to close with a wonderful excerpt from June Masters Bacher. In a down to earth manner  she describes how important these things we do each and every year are...

'Last year you said you would have a sensible Christmas- no muss no fuss- just a nice, quiet day."after all Dad's getting a little too old to keep up with the freeway traffic' said Grandma.Well, we're not going there said daughter,"It's too much taking the packages, cribs, training seats-" Then there's decorating, baking, shopping....The entire family agreed that this year would be different.
But something happens.Both sets of grandparents change their minds. One pair wants you there; the other is coming by plane.The children get to work pasting colored chains and stringing popcorn.

Something inside you sings a carol and you thank God that the children gave you an excuse to go on with Christmas.and you work without protest on what you knew you'd be unable to resist all along.There is a need for 'roots' at Christmas- a need to seek out those we love on earth, and a need to engage in something tangible to represent the heart expanding Love within  us that God placed there that first Christmas.
So here you are baking, your hands are pricked by holly.The windows are sticky with peppermint fingerprints.It will take weeks to clean up the mess! Utility bills soar and then there's the credit card!

But here you are together: laughing, loving, pushing, shoving making plans for the snack after Christmas Eve service.
You have made the pilgrimage safely; you have reached the roots of joy; for,above the happy commotion, you hear an angel choir. 
        You're home for Christmas once again.

Friday, 7 December 2012

A Christmas Collage

                 I love decorating the house for the season...

                              A Few Vignettes ....for you
                         ordinary surfaces become special....

           greenery always adds a nice ambiance...

Christmas music plays with gusto,shopping bags appear mysteriously,
and cookies are baked....
favorite books are read again....

                as Christmas and all it's beauty 
                            seeps into the shadows of our heart.

  May all the decorations be dim; compared to the wonder and beauty of Him

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Little Is Much... If God Is In It

 Little drops of water, little grains of sand,
 Make a mighty ocean, in this bounteous land.....
 So the little moments, humble though they be,
Make the mighty ages of eternity.    (song from my childhood)
           ( J. A. Carney)

2 key holes

Ever feel small and insignificant?

Ever feel like your contribution is but a drop in the ocean?

drop of water

Ever feel like what you can do is a speck on  infinite sands?

* St. Tropez, France

And does it sometimes feel like you have been left behind?

The earth is immense. The heavens even greater.
Pinned Image

    But take heart; He sees, for He has  said.

And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these 
little ones because he is my disciple,
I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward."
                  Matthew 10 :42

It's easy at times to feel like we can't  change the world.  Then I remember it isn't as much what we're doing... but how we're doing it, and for Who.

   We can do no great things. Only small things......with great love.  (Mother Teresa) 

211- health returning after having colds and flu, 212- father and son working together to build shelter for horses,213- no need to shovel rain,214- still time to hope for a white Christmas, 215-one batch of cookies in the freezer,216-school teachers, 217- preparations for annual turkey dinner at school, 218- traditions that make great memories, 219, goofing off after decorating the tree,220- Christmas music.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Snow Angel Sentiments

                              please listen to the music....

                                   So,somewhere between

snow angels....

                                      and sand castles...

                                      You grew up.

     You're out there now and all I can do is cover you with prayer.

              And yes, somewhere between piano lessons ...

                               and horseback riding,

                               The girl became a woman.

                  Time is precious ,and oh so fleeting
             When you're young. And days are minutes 
                         That stretch on forever it seems.
                                           You grew up. 

                          Found wings and flew,

                 And I'm here thinking about snow angels.

My oldest daughter is nineteen. She is only a couple hours away; at school and she does come home most weekends. This post is about her... and was 
inspired by watching a sweet ,little girl at our school  make a snow angel.She was wearing a pink snowsuit and her eyes were crinkled into half moons as she innocently transported me to another time and place.....

                               This was taken a few months ago.

                                   image from here

                           God gave us memories so that we may 
                          have roses in December.
                                       ( J.M. Barrie)