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Friday, 29 July 2016

Weekend Reprieve

Leaving shortly ...


Anticipation and nostalgia remind her that the most important things must be carried with in..

              Memories; some created, some waiting to be formed..
                                 As she hurries to pack up.

                              ~Happy Last Weekend Of July~

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Summer's Serendipity

On my way around the local thrift store last week, I spied this chair.( when will I learn to take a before pic?)  It was painted a dark brown and there was nothing special about it really. 

I knew though that it would be a perfect little paint project which is what I did..

I'm happy with the result...                                   

        This adorable bird pillow really accessorizes the chair nicely...I purchased it locally in a cute, little store in Elora. Loved it, and turned a blind eye to the price for once..:)

I have also had a little time to read, and have been very engrossed in this book.
It turns out to be one I can not put down and I have been trying to discipline myself and savor it by reading it slowly, which is hard to do.


I'd recently read another one by her, A Gathering Of Finches which gave me a respect for the author. She writes about actual people in history in a very real and honest, intricate way . 
I highly recommend this at times heart wrenching but courage filled story ...

I did manage  with my daughter's help to pick a bowl full of currants which I canned into juice...


Then I found a recipe for zucchini currant muffins and I wish I had left more out...

Oh well maybe I'll buy currants and freeze them:) The zip in the muffins is so yummy. 

I think it is rather serendipitous that the zucchini and currants are ready at the same time! :)

How have you been? I hope your week is going well!


Friday, 15 July 2016

Mid Summer Musing

Some how it is already mid July and the sultry days of summer are upon us. 

June always passes by much too quickly, this year was no different. An exceptional line up of celebrations and milestones filled it though and I find myself reflecting on all it's sweet memories. 

Our youngest child graduated grade eight, so after having a child in elementary school for 18  years that chapter has formally closed.

Our son completed his high school education and we'll wait to see what the next step is in his learning process is.


                                       (father and son)

Also in the celebrations were a couple weddings and an array of fun birthday celebrations. 

                                          my sister,beautiful inside and out..


                                            The weather here has been very dry, and we would all love a few days of good soaking rain.
Surprisingly the gardens are not doing too terribly,although I did notice the peonies and most perennials not having quite the luster they normally would.


I find nature's tenacity inspiring ...whether in drought or fair sunny weather the strength of it is marvelous, and not  unlike ourselves if we  plant our roots deep into real and lasting things such as faith in God and cultivating relationships with those around us.  We too can live lives of strength and purpose regardless of conditions that seem less than ideal.


I love summer's quiet days, actually I should clarify and say I have learned to love the quiet days this season has offered. Years past there was no such thing here, as five children of my own inevitably brought many friends and children through our doors. Countless lunches, cookies and popsicles were served, and the barn, sheds, woods and tree house were privy to many an imaginary game.

Those days have shifted slightly, while I never want a home where children's laughter doesn't echo; I know nothing remains forever in the same place. Time moves steadily forward and children grow up. 
There is still children here from time to time, but I'm also thankful that mine are trying out their wings in various forms, knowing home is always a safe place to come back and land.

This post came together in a series of days...since than we have had some rain..yah, could use more. 
I'm expecting two of my children who were away being counselors at a children's camp to arrive home soon with a barrage of laundry...
There is a huge banana cake cooling on the counter which will be turned into my son's 18th birthday cake...and the smell of chicken roasting in the oven.
My youngest is making something with the daisies she picked from my garden, and I am off to put a new coat of paint on an old chair I found.

                   the sign at daughter's graduation is a good reminder for us too...Right?

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


         Last evening there was a rare occurrence, a full moon on the first day of summer.
Apparently this is not to happen again for another 70 years .Statistics like that leave one feeling small but held by our amazing God who knows each of us by name..

In the midst of chaos, she pauses and inhales the heady scents of summer.
Longing and lingering waft on the gentle breeze.
Change and memory propel her forward into the gracious night.
Failing is not an option...
Learning is. 

                           I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten...
                                                 Joel 2:25