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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Summer Drifting

Summer and its treasures are in full swing here...

the month of June bitter sweet. ending; beginning. I ponder...

it's beauty and brevity

Sail boats drifting along...wind and waves to guide them

Time is fleeting and oh so precious...

with children who fly and dream..

we adjust our focus forward, always forward.

and we can laugh knowing that the best is yet to come.

I will be away for a short while. Hubby and I are celebrating an anniversary ..
(25 years somehow) Wow! Taking to the open road on our motor cycle.
We value prayers for safety and all. See you on our return.

Catch the trade winds. Explore, dream, discover...~Mark Twain~

Friday, 19 June 2015

Beautiful Rain


We have had a lot of rain these last few weeks, the lawns and gardens are growing at top speed. It's hard to keep up sometimes.

I love the space that living in the country brings, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a lawn as big as a handkerchief and a wee, tiny garden...                                                 

Mostly though when I feel the breeze on a warm day, and see the horses and sheep grazing contentedly, watch magnificent skies, I know beyond anything else I am blessed.

Blessed to be on my own bit of heaven on earth. Breathing fresh country air, still only a couple minutes from a little village that draws hundreds of tourists each year.                                          

During the rain last week I started puttering, you know how it goes. You decide to change one thing and suddenly like dominoes you've created a ripple throughout several rooms. 

                 simplified surfaces and a quilt for a throw..love my newest, quirky little owl

                               switching pictures and mirror...

placing pretty bouquets

because rain is simply a state of mind..
and a good antidote to a gardeners soul.

the first photo was my perennial bed a week ago.
now this..
Thank you rain!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Life's Tides

    Kerrie's Beautiful post today...resonated with my thoughts of late...                                     

Life's ebb and flow and unknowns are a natural rhythm..

I have learned to move with it...

Learned to wait and always hope..

Learned to never give up on LOVE.

Be Strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24                                                                     

Monday, 8 June 2015

Just A Few Favourites

I have thought it would be fun to do a favourite things post for a while now. I've read them on other blogs and always enjoy seeing what makes others tick.:)

When better  than my favourite month to share with you a few of my favourite things....

                                                       flowers on my table...

really any flowers.... I am partial to white flowers though...                                                                                                



the planters by my front steps are a mixture of white annuals...
waiting patiently for my white peonies in the perennial garden  to bloom.


and being on a boat going no where...

music.... I have so many favourites...just a few of them...(it's funny each of these cd's has a song that when I heard it for the first time, I stopped and literally froze by how it touched me)

        I tend to listen a CD to death.  Do you do that? Oh and don't you love when a great song comes on the radio when you're driving alone and you get to crank it up loud?:)

shoes...a few of mine on the outside:)

      little vignettes...  that hold memorabilia.                  

                                 my favorite look is neutral and unpretentious...

 I love having time to create and put things together with materials I find.
Here I made an out door sink area on the back porch.

 just inside the door of the walk out basement is the bathroom..
  I love seeing the calm cool whites after I have been working in my garden on a warm summer's day...
 garden greens...
                                 that first crop of spinach and lettuce is so yummy 


quotes... I have so many I like, but this is close to being my favourite...


    I have always just heard the first sentence of this and loved it, but recently read the rest of it. Tho' much is taken, I feel acknowledges that part that is constantly changing which we must accept. Tho' much abides, is that final emphasis on gratitude and grace which must always be our ultimate goal.

      I think I shall conclude my favourites here. This could be the blog post that never ends and goes on and on my friends, :) I've enjoyed sharing a few of my favourite things with you.   Thank you for visiting.
                                                     ~ Lucy~

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Just June

I love this song, and find myself singing it every June it seems....



Hello already. My favourite month is here. June is four days in and once again she has me smitten.
Not sure what it is about this month...but what's not to love?
So much beauty; birthdays to celebrate, school finishing up for the kids. Summer plans simmer and are stirred. 

No other month has such an ambiance and grace  like that of June.

It is that one dress you have that makes you feel like a million bucks. June.
It is "I love you" from all your children shouted in unison, with kisses thrown to the wind. June
It is a bouquet of flowers picked and ready to open. June
That door ajar just enough to invite you further. June

I recall the days when my children were all in elementary grades and June was a blur of school trips, piano recitals and graduation celebrations. Now with one left in elementary and two in high school, I have time to watch it a bit more, time to reminisce even though that word scares me a little! :)


I press those days into the pages of my heart, like flowers kept and dried beautiful enough to last.
And as I revel in all that June has to offer, I do so as one who knows the brevity of everything. Isn't that what is enchanting?

     As I pass my perennial border I see the peonies are almost blooming.

If I am missing for a while, you'll find me either riding my bike into sunsets, or sitting on the porch reading a book, or maybe chatting with hubby while he works on fixing the boat that is in our barn right now.
Maybe I am listening to my youngest relay an incident at school, or marveling at how tall son is now.


I might be 'puttering around' outside in the gardens, or baking a pie. I may be thinking about a year ago,  and counting my blessings for the way we were and still are.
So if and when I'm missing; know that I'm not. I am really here.

             Do you have a favorite month?