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Friday, 28 June 2013

Wrapping Up

Peace is a belief that exhales....( Ann Voskamp)

I hold onto this peace, here on this last day of elementary school.Yes finally, here in Canada school lasts until the end of June and resumes again in early September.

My two youngest are wrapping up their grade five and seven years.             

Wrapping up like I did the date loaf I baked last night. I sliced some and put it on a pretty plate and sent it with my daughter to give to the teachers. 

The wrap up of another school year is significant. It makes me feel wistful and nostalgic.
Yesterday when I went to lunch duty at our school the children had already helped the teacher pack up the classroom. They were ready to move on.
 One teacher is retiring this year after teaching for twenty seven years here at our school. Long enough to teach some of her former pupils children.

Life is a continual forward motion. It's current can fluctuate between surging and ebbing but it must go forward. We must  go with it, or we will suffocate. 

Like breathing,we draw in, but if we never breathe out....release,relinquish,rest. We will eventually die from our own selfishness and refusal to accept the inevitable.

I am learning how to do this. I am learning that the peace in breathing out is so much sweeter than the breathes i inhale. It is still a journey I am on, but as this month wraps up  
I vow to remember that letting go and giving must become as natural as breathing in order to bring peace and serenity to this heart.

my peach colored rose..,

I wrote the above yesterday,on our last day of school. Now, here the house is quiet,while most of them are still sleeping. The back packs have been banished to the closet for some much needed rest too. The summer is having a soggy introduction as the rain keeps on. Everything is lush and silent. Here waiting, between the wraps and the 
 breaking in of summer.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Children, A Wonder Work In Progress

                                     my son and his two youngest sisters....(scratching his nose?:)

   Children are Born Persons!

"They (Our children) must feel our large faith in them, our boundless love and our never-failing forgiveness. And that they may truly learn to feel and understand these, nothing helps more than to encourage great liberty of discussion and the free expression of opinions remembering, as Miss Sewell has said, that it is an excellent thing to have an opinion of your own, however wrong it may be, (provided you are not bent on sticking to it), different as much as we like, but without the suspicion of a "snub" or a "set down"; for, above all, we must hold each one's individuality sacred, and while we care sufficiently for the things that matter, we must also beware of heeding other things that do not matter. Little trivialities of manner or expression, the way of talking which is not just what we should have wished, the choice that is not just the one we should like to have seen made, we must learn to pass these things over as the trifles they are, otherwise there is an end to all freedom, and, what is more serious, an end of reality. Our children may then learn to be the thing we wish in our presence, but they will be themselves still, they will have their own idiosyncrasies, their own individuality, but unknown and unknowable to us."
one thing I love about being a parent is seeing my kids grow into the people they are. It's so rewarding and inspirational,humbling and frightening.But I want to embrace all that is them; knowing that we all are not done.We are a continual work that is covered by grace..


celebrations...graduation from college for my oldest, and prom for second...
How are you spending these glorious June days? 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Precious Words

Words,only words, oh the damage that they do.
How often I have uttered them.
How oft I've heard them too.

Words, precious words, oh the difference they can make,
To a mother's heart that sometimes aches.

A mother to girls, and a girl in this mother,
Living and loving, while forgiving each other.

                 via pinterest

thinking about this quote I wrote back when my kids were much younger....

One thought comforts me like no other,
when I feel like I've failed in my role as a mother.
The hope that the Lord in His goodness will send
another new day,for my errors to mend~L.M.~

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Practically Perfect Purple

Purple is a colour I avoided for a long time. I am not sure why, exactly, but purple and I had had a rocky relationship. I felt guilty sometimes for not really liking purple.  Almost as guilty as when I admitted to someone once that the hymn How Great Thou Art isn't one of my favourites,( like it is for many people.)

 Purple; I know royalty and regal attire.Somehow that just wasn't enough to change my jaded heart.
I knew it was time to reconcile, and slowly I have been embracing the purple in my world.
                                            new purple sheets for my girls new single beds...

And suddenly this week I had all these visitors showing up. They were purple. They were beautiful!
I knew as I stood and gazed in awe at the profusion of purple in my perennial border, that I had been reformed!

Purple your persistence has paid off. Please accept my apologies for taking SO long to appreciate you.

 I am sure you know that some things in life can take a really LONG time. But when it happens,when you see the fruition of toil, waiting, hoping, trusting, believing and never giving up.

You see the purpose for the purple in your life ; and you see the beauty.

         to everything there is a season...and a time to every
                               purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

(oh and I must add I am also appreciating the hymn How Great Thou Art as I 
marvel at the beauty all around us....)

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ask Him

 Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find,knock and
                the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

I love that verse.  It speaks volumes about God's character and His interest in the little details of our lives. Although it doesn't mean we will get all our prayers answered the way we want them.  It is saying that how can we expect God to answer, when we haven't asked. Yes, He knows our desires, but praying about them requires humility and surrender to His divine will.

           so  ask, I have a feeling He won't be surprised.:)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Garage Sale Full


Hello! I am still here. Life these days has been full. Full of good, busy, bustling goodness.
June is indeed a flurry of activity including gardening,cutting grass almost every other day (not quite:)and school activities and trips, piano recitals, birthday parties and garage sales.yes that full:)
Speaking of garage sales, I had one this past weekend. It has been a while since I attempted this as I usually donate any usable items to the local thrift store. But this spring as I was cleaning out closets, cupboards and such I thought I'd try one again.I forgot the tremendous amount of work it is! Can I just say- I would way rather go to garage sales, than have my own!
Confession here..I actually slipped out to a couple while mine was happening!
I know I need help:) 
and no, it wasn't overly busy...(we live in the country beside a fairly busy road but I think everyone had a destination.)
I did manage to sell some things though, and my girls had fun with it.
Somehow we managed to attend a birthday party and a piano recital midst it all! 
                           sitting and waiting for someone to stop:)

     the bric-a-brac that brought me to this place....I was so happy I sold that bed,well actually I loved that bed my girls had shared, but we have squeezed single beds into their room and THEY couldn't be happier:)and the lady that bought it was very happy too:) here is the way it looked then...

One observation...your own garage sale can make you feel very vulnerable...

blogging about your own garage sale... even more vulnerable! (should have remembered this when my son asked what vulnerable means!)

It was fun, but next time I think I might take it all to the thrift store :))

619-June,the beauty of it,620-Father's and the difference they make,621-my own father and the example he was,622-my children's father and the way he leads our family,623-our Heavenly Father and His grace and mercy,624-goosebumps songs like this one 625--my hubby's backache is much better!626-chiropractors,627-finding 'important' papers that were lost,628-babysitting those darling children once again,629-daughter painting camp props,630-flowers blooming profusely.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Dream Is Now


It hit me with a powerful force as I was making supper last night.
This is the dream.
I'm living it.
Yes, the quick thaw the hamburger in the microwave because I forgot to plan supper in the morning like they always tell you to do.
Or what about those people who plan their meals for a month, and cook and freeze them all. I have always been in awe of those people.
I know I will likely never BE one of those people.

Yes, the backaches and bills, the weeds and dirty windows.
The poppies bursting open with such gusto that I feel like I should begin a chant of sorts...oh yes the poppies are back...the sweet, rosy faces fill me with joy,oh yes the poppies are back...(end chant)

 I sit on the front step  with a coffee and a book while I wait for my kids to come home from school. The sun shines warmly on me.
 The bus stops, my entourage crosses the road while traffic builds on either side. I wave to them, the bus driver or anyone else who cares to notice. It  feels good to greet my kids at the end of their school day.

                Although the village has it's merit in raising my child,
                     I am so glad it isn't nearly as crucial as my role.
                    I am not always as aware of this as I want to be.

                    But this is not just an idyllic  dream. It is reality.
                              The grit ,the grind, it is glorious.
                        I'm so thankful I have gotten in on the ride.

                         The dream is now...this is the reality.
                       So be in it; and don't dream it away.


  I'll do my dreaming with my eyes wide open,
   and do my looking back with my eyes closed.
            (Clay Walker)

last evening at supper my daughter who is taking a philosophy class got us talking about dreams and how they discussed whether we are actually 'with it' when we dream, or if we have no control. Not sure what the verdict was but it made interesting table talk:)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Beautiful Contrasts

                   A bit of my black and white weekend.....

                            it seemed to jump out everywhere....



It was a gorgeous weekend weather wise.....perfect for gardening, weddings or stone picking in the corn field....

My husband has been suffering a little with a major back ache this past week. We hoped it would leave as mysteriously as it came, but it hasn't yet.
 The good in it is the friends that came to help with the stone picking and for more friends and prayers...

    we lit a few Chinese lanterns and let them drift off into the dark......

        seasoned love..                                             young love.....



                   Black and white contrasts.... love and letting go,
sunny Sundays and rainy Mondays ...     beauty in the bittersweet.

counting my way to 1000...
604-celebrations,(Katrina's prom)605-weddings,(Luke& Leanne)606-June,my favourite month,607-sermons that make you think,608-kids that make me laugh,609-watching the Chinese lanterns drift off that we lit after stone picking.610-thoughtful friends who brought them,611-white laundry,612-the instant relaxation rain provides,613-the way hard times can bring us closer,614-clean floors for a spell,615- burning garbage,616-band aids,617-daughter making chicken quesadilles,618-sunshine suddenly.

                            I hope you have a fabulous week....
            please stop by again soon:)

Friday, 7 June 2013

A Bicycle Built For Two ..

Keep Calm and Ride Your BIKE - KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Image Generator - brought to you by the Ministry of Information

   I have always loved riding my bicycle. Jumping on it and pedalling like the wind is good form of exercise,but also a sure way to reduce stress.Riding my bike makes me happy.                                                                   

My hubby likes riding his bike too.I  believe he has much the same reasons as I do...the only difference ...his bike has a motor.

Four years ago when oldest daughter was acquiring her license to begin driving. My husband; acting on a whim, which is strangely out of character for him, got his bike license. Following up with a course in actual riding,he was well on his way to conquer some of the curiosity and interest motorcycles had become for him.
 A couple of his brothers own a motorbike so it wasn't a complete surprise for me,but I'll admit I teased him a little about having a midlife crisis as a few others did. But being the good natured sport that he is,he wasn't too upset.

So back then I bought myself some time, to get used to this idea.Our kids were younger  and I was not comfortable leaving them at home alone while we leisurely toured around.(We didn't own a  motorcycle but a friend of my hubby's kindly lent his to use, when my hubby wanted to get out and ride.)

Well somehow three summer's slipped by, and one day a year ago as I was making the drive to pick up my daughter I felt strongly that God was telling me to acquiesce and give him the  approval (or blessing) on purchasing a motorbike.
Let the fun begin...
 I knew this would be a process.... he does his research and is informed.He also has a budget and will stay within it.He turns decision  making into a fine art.  I know this trait is a strength, but it has at times tested my patience.

About one year ago he found the perfect bike advertised,so after arranging a time with the owner  to see it, we were told that it had sold after all..(we were told it had sold than the owner changed his mind and was going to return it but at the last minute kept it anyhow!) So after chatting with the owner and thinking the good one get away,hubby resumed his search.But to no avail...although ( this is where the story gets interesting for me:) One  day a couple weeks after losing the deal on the other bike, we set out to check on another one a few hours away.
It was a fine spring day, we dropped the youngest kids off at my sister's and headed out on our date.

 We pulled into the driveway of a very quintessential home and yard.Love and attention to detail was evident as the gentleman unlocked the door of his shed and proceeded to show my husband the bike. 
Feigning interest for a little I was soon drawn to the exquisite gardens around the house. While I was admiring them,the lady of the house came out to greet me. After exchanging a few pleasantries she cordially invited me to join her on the back porch where she had been reading.Doing so, she asked if I'd like a glass of ice tea,(by this time I would of expected no less...it was that perfect!)

A shady nook.. in an old cottage...maybe somewhere in the Italian countryside, with a cup of summer ice-tea and a conversaation with someone who 5 minutes ago used to be a stranger.
 We proceeded to share with each other our love of reading and it took very little time to realise we not only liked the same books,but so many other interests as well including our faith,home and family.My heart was warmed and encouraged by the gentle, yet candid way this lady spoke, and although no deal was reached on the bike, I left knowing I had found a kindred friend and that to me was worth so much more!

We stay in touch via email and have gotten together for coffee,meeting halfway. I talked about it here.

                               So finally.... hubby bought a bike last fall! and believe it or not..... it turned out to be the original very first one he had wanted but had gotten away!
(turns out the buyer rode it for a season and sold it)

This whole ordeal was so profound to me! 
If hubby would have got the bike the first time...
Mynie and I would never have met.... 
What we perceive as a NO sometimes is really only a wait in God's time. He is the one who works out the kinks and it is our job to trust Him to be able to do it.


Here we are ready to ride away...I can't resist glancing back where a piece of my heart forever will stay.But marriage is a merging of means and mode,praying in this new venture as I hold on for dear life.

Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes
                  the ride worthwhile.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Oh Red Geranium

A friend recently posted this poem on facebook. I love it, and wanted to share it with you......Enjoy!

Red Geraniums"

Life did not bring me silken gowns,
Nor jewels for my hair,
Nor signs of gabled foreign towns
In distant countries fair,
But I can glimpse, beyond my pane, a green and friendly hill,
And red geraniums aflame upon my window sill.

The brambled cares of everyday,
The tiny humdrum things,
May bind my feet when they would stray,
But still my heart has wings
While red geraniums are bloomed against my window glass,
And low above my green-sweet hill the gypsy wind-clouds pass.

And if my dreamings ne'er come true,
The brightest and the best,
But leave me lone my journey through,
I'll set my heart at rest,
And thank God for home-sweet things, a green and friendly hill,
And red geraniums aflame upon my window sill.

~ Martha Haskell Clark

one of my all time favorite flowers is the red geranium. Every year I'd plant them in clay pots for instant cheer. But two years ago we came home and saw that someone had left these two huge stone urns on our sidewalk....found out later..it was my brother in law and wife. They saw them free by someone's driveway and thought Lucy could put them to use. I put red geraniums in this year...love the vibrancy, the free pots and kind family.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bleeding Heart Memoir

      I remember as a child being fascinated at the plant called  bleeding heart...I'd stare in awe at the hearts drooping delicately from the stem.So intricate and interconnected with one another...hence the inspiration for this memoir...       

"The truth is... it's hard...and their is a lot of grit and  very, little glory".She says this as if she wants to warn me and keep me safe, free from hurt and disappointment.
I nod understandingly.
The truth is, at this point I don't care. I would rather have the whole messy truth, over glib guessing games, and plain indifference.
Glossy pages and shiny facades are fun to look at,but after a while they leave you panting, quenching as well as a drink of salt water would.

"I'm ready". I say this with firm resolve.
"To feel is everything, and to be unable to feel is nothing at all." I say this with an emotion that evokes experience.

For I have been in both places. Not all at once but at different times in my life.
Sometimes grappling  with fear of the unknown as it subtly stole the joy of the present. Times tenacious hand would clench darkly around my soul,embittering  and hardening my true feelings.
I will not go back to that place ever.
Other times I lived in a state of bliss and mysterious wonder. My world seemed to be conquered and I was ambiguous and aware all at once.

Now here at this crossroads; I was to choose which course I wanted to take.
And I know without a shadow of doubt I will take the path of pain and hardship. The path of trust,the path of honesty even at a price. The way of forgiveness,that has also been shown to me.

 The easy road isn't always the best, and the high road is over rated. 
For when we have lived,when we have felt,stumbled and fallen, when we've cried a little and laughed alot. We have lived, really lived. 
Beautiful, glorious, messy living. Not always picture perfect or pretty, but with hearts that have opened to receive love and grace. Much like the rain that keeps falling and being soaked up by the fertile earth. We keep loving with feeling and forgiving hearts.

(and I want also to add here that even though our hearts bleed at times,
our Heavenly Father allowed His Son's blood to pay for all our sin.For that I am so grateful)......John 3:16


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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Garage Sale Goodness

When hubby is away, wife may say...this would be a great garage sale day!

Hubby is gone fishing with the guys this weekend so I took the opportunity to hit a few garage sales this morning.
After leaving a note for my teenagers,who were still in bed... 

we headed out to pick up a friend and her daughter.

The first garage sale we went too was in an old shed on a beautiful property...
of course I don't have any pictures because I wasn't really thinking about making a blog post yet...:(
anyway; it was picture perfect, garage sale idealism......imagination required....:)

checking out another one...an observation I've made over the years is that some of the best garage sales are the nondescript ones...

then we checked out a big community one...They were raising money for cancer research...I thought this gorgeous quilt on the side of a truck was worthy of a shot....

"this is so much fun,' says Sommer on the gliding exercise machine.....

                         this one was all hanging baskets...WoW...
                   but I have enough I tell myself resolutely.....

                              back home...with a few sweet treasures...

sometimes the best finds are plain and utilitarian.......hence the cheer that I did when I saw this filter for my vacuum cleaner.....( these things are fifty dollars when new) I lost my spare one last summer after setting it out to dry....(thinking it blew away)

                                              a new egg basket and such....
                                             a handsome addition to my kitchen...

             Well that is all for today...but you know what they say....
            there's nothing like the thrill of the hunt..........to be continued....

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How about you, are garage sales your thing?
 or are you a thanks but no thanks type.......?