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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Telling Time

  the time change,my birthday month and daughters growing up, evoked a little rambling on time. thank you for taking the time to read:)

So the clocks skipped an hour...I was too tired to move the clocks ahead when I went to bed, but as soon as I opened my eyes this morning and squinted at my alarm clock I told myself that isn't really the time...add an hour.

At times this feels like my life theme!
What,Look at the time!
That can't be the time! 
Where did the time go?

Time...we are slaves to it. It dictates our lives and orders our days.
seconds, minutes, hours and years...ticking away and dropping into that vault of no return.

Sometimes we pine for moments gone...for a chance to correct our mistakes or to just be able to retract the years and live... really LIVE in the moment.


Oh I say it... often..."savour the moment"...to my daughter looking forward to her wedding in a few short months...."enjoy now"....I know she does (she's wise that way
but I know she will look back on the years she lived here under her parent's roof and realise, just how short a time that really is...(granted God blesses her with many married years.)

Second daughter living away from home for a year...experiencing city life....learning to fly on her own while she shines God's light to  many who are under privileged (involved in a ministry for low income families) loving what she's doing- but all the while wondering if time is running out on her...after all she is almost nineteen and still has no idea what she would like to do with her life!

The time is now...she must hurry and follow those big dreams...but how?


Allocating the minutes of our lives is a life long journey. Somewhere between here and there  we learn just how vain it is to wish to return to another place in time.

The innocent days of childhood are replaced with a more noble realisation; that no matter how old we get, and no matter what we learn in that process we can not change the course of time by adding an hour, but that time flies by while we are busy
 loving to live, and living to love.

                              the time with these girls is precious...(Katrina on left, Brittany on right)

Jeremiah 29:11



  1. Lucy, I so enjoyed finding your lovely comment in my comment box this morning. It was good to hear from you. It's been a while since I've been to visit (I always feel bad about that), but I'm doing a little catch up now.

    What beautiful daughters you have... but of course with such a beautiful momma.

    Enjoyed reading your time pondering post... and I'd be happy to send along my Spring weather your way...It dawned with another beauty this morning.

    And so here's wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.....

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Are you a March baby, like me? I turn 50 on the 19th of this month, a true Pisces, with her head in the clouds, (the 12 hours in total it takes for me to reach home should be a breeze;), and her feet in the seas.

    Time is tricky, isn't it? One minute we are making p&J sandwiches for our toddlers, and the next, they are spoon feeding us soup! Enjoy your visit with your beautiful girls. Time is a precious commodity that can only be shared to appreciate its full value.


  3. Lucy,
    I often ask myself the same question....where did the time go? It seem that my kids were just little, and now they are all grown up. How wonderful it is that your daughter is involved in helping low income families. The picture with you and your girls is priceless. And the verse........I know the plans I have for you - Lucy, it holds a special place in my heart and is one of my favorites.

    Your "time" post was a delightful one.



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