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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Being and Seeing

This past week has blessed us with some stellar winter weather....(and that isn't an oxymoron.:)

I have grown to love winter.....dare I say it, and the frigid temperatures which induce a slower, more comfortable pace. 
Sunshine and  crystal clear blue skies were the theme for a few days this week.


                     treetops glistening and golden...
My favourite kind of day to be home without commitments and  head out and  on my cross country skis....                                       

                  my shadow and I are inseparable...:)

our horses...Sunrise and Jetta

a look back to home...

along the forests fringe...
I see the whisk of a tail as a deer disappears with in...

to be and see; two understated blessings in life....


  1. Hi Lucy,

    I so enjoy it when you take us for a little tour around your beautiful neck of the snowy woods! I can feel the freedom you enjoyed in this post, seeing all the wonders of your surroundings, breathing in the crisp, cold air, and being in the moment of such serene splendour.

    Happy weekend, my friend!


  2. What a beautiful day and beautiful land…nothing I love more than beaming sunshine after a winter snow…

  3. It looks so cold. But Winter is a season we need. It forces us to slow down and rest. Lovely land that you are blessed to call home. Xxo

  4. Lucy, you really do live in a beautiful place. It's so good to hear that you appreciate the weather, even with all the cold snow that's going on. I wish it would snow here too. You have your own wintery ski grounds for skiing. Nel just went up to the mountain last weekend and did the same thing. Your horses are precious, and I'm wondering if you ever ride them?

    I wanted to thank you for the comment on my "lovely" post today. It's just something I've been feeling lately. You are one of the loveliest ladies I know in blog land, and I can imagine your four daughters being lovely as well.


  5. I just put you on my side bar as "lovely blogs." Have a nice evening, Lucy.

  6. I've also come to appreciate
    this quiet time of year, and was
    just thinking today, "Will I miss
    this?" when my husband and I
    eventually move to the Pacific
    NW from Minnesota, once our
    last chick has left the nest. For
    now, I choose to embrace all
    the positives that a snowy and
    cold winter bring : )

    Beautiful pics, Lucy!

    xo Suzanne


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