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Saturday, 14 February 2015

With Love Here

Good evening friends....
just a short and sweet little post for you tonight, here at the end of this day of love....

a little bit of art work from  youngest daughter....

and a scene from our supper table...
(I had made reservations:)
no really, no place like home on a blustery Saturday night!

there seems to be something profoundly hilarious about taking a picture by setting up the camera..:)

on the menu....
Zesty Chicken Bake,
Homemade currant juice..
and of course....

leaving you with one of my favorite songs...

God Bless...


  1. Lucy, thanks for the dinner invitation! Good food, family fun, and a few photos make a cold night warm and cozy! Did you notice that the colours of your pics complement each other so amazingly well?

    Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend!


  2. Lucy, your family is so special, and silly, fun moments shared are the best ones. That is a cool picture from your youngest daughter. It looks like the crayons were melted and then taaadaaa. You had such a nice Valentine's Day with your family.

    You are loved too, Lucy..........by me. :~)


  3. Yes, there is no place like home... and that's a great picture of you and your family around the table just having fun.



thank you and blessings for words from your heart...