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Monday, 4 May 2015

Beyond The Abstract


One of the things that I find myself thinking about  sometimes is how little I know of all the thoughts, emotions and events that are emitted in the inspiring and thoughtful images I come across as I traverse the bounteous crop available to me through a click ,click of my mouse.
I find myself looking at a snippet sometimes and wishing I knew more about it. 
I wonder about the author, artist and photographer.
I wonder what makes them happy and what makes them sad. I wonder about their dreams.
I think about how beautiful what I see and know is; and I wonder...

I considered this one evening as I was washing supper dishes. My two youngest girls had perched themselves outside the screen door and had turned up their favorite radio drama series, Adventures In Odyssey  to a volume that was certainly distinct from where they reclined.  In my passing I noticed them and decided that looked like a cute photo opportunity. As I was ready to take the picture, brother who was on the porch below returning from his barn chores and the filling of the dog's water bucket, decided to aim the hose at his two unassuming sisters. This inevitably drew a smile from me as I was able to capture their candid reaction to his brotherly affection first hand.


Somehow this antic was my muse as I hopped on my bike for my evening bike ride...
Life's proverbial hose sprays us all at times. The unscripted and unplanned make appearances regularly.  I grin, face forward and press ahead.
We do not know or should we, what is to come. The beauty lies in the art of surprise. We can surmise and commiserate all  we want. We can live good, and well adjusted lives, and make fruitful choices. But the true intrigue lies in the unknown.

It is that hidden part that fuels our faith and our TRUST. It is that equivocal longing for something beyond. Something that concludes this picture in motion.
It is these yearnings that make our temporary picture incomplete. We live our lives in search of that hidden gem, that Hope we have not only in uncertain days but even the mundane. 

           second daughter Katrina...ready to return to the city..(yes she has that far away look in her eye.
                  yes I am glad that heart strings are made of elastic:) 

   I am thankful for the mystery in the picture I see of my life and others. 
   The mystery is the grace, the mystery is the mercy and that is enough to keep         me mesmerized and dancing.


And now I'm glad I didn't know, the way it all would end the way it all would go...
our lives are better left to chance. I could have missed the pain, but I would have to miss the dance.... ~Garth Brooks.~


  1. Lovely thoughts and visuals of your heart and hearth. The hidden, the mystery, the blowing of the wind (john3) are what I seek and enter into.

    Your photo of the trees with just the a portion of the horses heads I favor because it captures the feeling that I hear in your words.

  2. Beautiful words and photos, Lucy, illustrating your thoughtful pondering of the unknown, and all its mystery. It's true - one thing we DO know about the unknown is that hope exists because of it. Where would we be without hope?

    Happy Tuesday, my friend!


  3. Oh that is, indeed, a keepsake moment to see your girls sharing time together and then brother coming up and spraying his sisters with the hose. It is really these times that make up our memories. I know this because my kids are grown and they always remember stories of when they were little. What a cute picture of your daughter, Katrina. And even though she's miles away, you will always remain in her heart.

    Have a terrific week, Lucy. And what a lovely post this is. You write so well.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. I just found your blog and I really like it! Beautiful pictures...
    Have a great week and take care!


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