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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Summer's Serendipity

On my way around the local thrift store last week, I spied this chair.( when will I learn to take a before pic?)  It was painted a dark brown and there was nothing special about it really. 

I knew though that it would be a perfect little paint project which is what I did..

I'm happy with the result...                                   

        This adorable bird pillow really accessorizes the chair nicely...I purchased it locally in a cute, little store in Elora. Loved it, and turned a blind eye to the price for once..:)

I have also had a little time to read, and have been very engrossed in this book.
It turns out to be one I can not put down and I have been trying to discipline myself and savor it by reading it slowly, which is hard to do.


I'd recently read another one by her, A Gathering Of Finches which gave me a respect for the author. She writes about actual people in history in a very real and honest, intricate way . 
I highly recommend this at times heart wrenching but courage filled story ...

I did manage  with my daughter's help to pick a bowl full of currants which I canned into juice...


Then I found a recipe for zucchini currant muffins and I wish I had left more out...

Oh well maybe I'll buy currants and freeze them:) The zip in the muffins is so yummy. 

I think it is rather serendipitous that the zucchini and currants are ready at the same time! :)

How have you been? I hope your week is going well!



  1. Lovely summertime pastimes and blessings!!

  2. Hmmmm. I thought I commented on this. Maybe forgot to hit "publish"????
    Interestingly, as I came back to leave a comment on the later post of yours, my husband has just put the first coat of white chalk paint on two chairs that I'm planning to move up to our bedroom. Your chair (and pillow) are sweet.

  3. You did a nice job on the chair, Lucy, and the bird pillow sits pretty on there. Your muffins look Yummy, but I'm not familiar with currants = some kind of berry? "The Daughter's Walk" sounds like a good one. I must get back to reading.


  4. Yummy that muffins look amazing and what a beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...