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Sunday, 26 February 2012

At home on a Sunday Night.

Sunday evenings ,ah yes that wonderful night when supper consists of a gigantic bowl of  popcorn,and the whole family cram jams on the couch to watch the show that has won the most votes by all of us.
It really is a quite unorthodox affair as we squish together and argue blithely over who should be in control of the remote. Our adrenaline sky rockets as we scale a huge precipice, run to the finish line,
 or are crowned queen of Genovia!!! We cry as we watch the owners of a new home marvel at the reality of a dream come true; and for a short while we have escaped ours.
Oh yes, there are nights we opt to play a game together,scrabble,crokinole or the old favourite hide and seek in the dark.
These nights are nothing overly noble, in and of themselves, but it is knitting us together, our imperfect family; creating memories and a bond that hopefully will last a lifetime.

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