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Thursday, 9 February 2012

More Than Just a Bedtime Story

Recently I had the thrill of finding my absolutely favorite childhood books.
The Melendy family is a story about 4 children who basically grow up on their own.They have their father but he is often away,their housekeeper Cuffy and grounds keeper Willy.

The books take you through the trials and triumphs of family,life lessons, and the wonder of childhood.
Publishers Weekly says "The Melendys are the quintessential storybook family.......their ardent approach to living is eternally revelant."
In the book The Four Story Mistake the Melendys have moved from the city to the country.
The house is a peculiar one with a cupola on top.When father introduces Randy to the cupola ,she is feeling wistful and somewhat lonely for her old house.
a window for each child " Randy remarked.
"So there is,"said Father.and after a minute he said," And now that I think about it,Randy, I believe that each of these windows belongs to one of you in a particular way.This one ,the north one, for instance, that looks so far up the valley.It must belong to Oliver because he is always looking ahead:
always straining toward tomorrow.The east one is Rush's.The view  from it is all moving and changeable:the wind stirs the trees,the water dashes and foams in the brook.And the south one. See how the dark spruce branches beyond the glass make a  sort of mirror of the window. That's Mona's :
she's at the age where she loves her own reflection."
" And the west window?"Randy said.
"the west window belongs to you, Randy.From it you can look back all day along the road you traveled yesterday."
Randy thought she understood what father meant.
But sometimes added father it would be nice if you and Oliver changed windows.In fact,it would be a good thing if all of you exchanged views once in a while."

this brought tears to my eyes as I contemplated the truth of his statement.
Maybe we should exchange views sometimes.
would it appear the same?
would we appreciate our own view more?

I don't know but it's something to think about.

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  1. Dear sweet Lucy,
    thank you so much for your kind words! They blessed me!! I am not going to stop blogging, it just may be awhile. Lets keep in touch.
    Until then, many blessings for you and your family.
    Love, Rayanne


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