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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Reading this...

  "gazing through the windows at other families isn't the same as living there day after day and knowing what goes on behind closed doors. There is a heartache like the one you're feeling right now in a good many homes."     Lynn Austin in Eve's Daughters

                              Between the peaches and pears the other day.... reading this absorbing book

                                ( photo above of a house in P.E I. that intrigued me with it's mystery)

                        How about you, Do you enjoy a good mystery, now and then?

        Happy Weekend.....soon we'll be off for a final hurrah..



  1. Happy weekend darling....love from me.....xxx...

  2. Hi Lucy...Love that sweet house. Is that yours? I never read mysteries. I used to when I was a teen....Nancy Drew! Wow, that probably dates me. Ha! Take care. Susan


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