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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Feet For Him

Katrina got new boots today. She couldn't wait to come home and try on her "new" pink rubber boots with handles.She put them on and ran out the door with girlish glee.She runs around the perimeter of our lawn,her little ponytails flying behind her in the wind.
All the while ,she is chattering away to no one that I can see but I'm sure is there with her in the great beyond of her imagination.
She looks so innocent and carefree as I stand here in the doorway watching.......
It's the way it should be.
Simple things in life....such joy, a,nice spring day,new pink boots and a little girl savouring every moment.
I don't know; but right now I could take a walk in those boots.

I penned the above in April of 1999, when Katrina was four.
Last week she left to go on her first missions trip,to a native reserve in Northern Ontario.
She will not accompany us here    http://www.kingdombound.com/    in a few days when we leave for our holidays.:(  She would have loved to ,but her trip had been planned before this.

Choices and decisions; all part of growing up.

                                       Packing. Oh, the agony of  deciding what NOT to bring!!

     "How beautiful are the feet of those, who bring good news."
Acts 10:15

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