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Monday, 23 December 2013

Convoluted Christmas

a few reminiscings' of yesterdays ice storm here...
  That morning we woke up to darkness. Dark cold that seeps into your bones. The world outside was distorted and devastated. Broken and shattered, bowed down.

I stand here at the window looking at a traumatized, ice covered world outside. 
I am sad for the loss of our beautiful trees. For the shade and ambiance so ruthlessly destroyed. 

                                  hubby checking out the demise 
Then I remember they are just trees. We have a home, we have all we need.
But I still mourn a little. After all it is Christmas and this does not seem like a very appropriate  scene.
Then I ponder the alternative,  what actually could be more fitting then destruction?
When did the world need Christmas more than now? When did it ever need the Light of Christmas more than now?

                                  enshrouded evergreens

I trudge outside with my camera wanting to somehow capture the scene around me.
I know it's impossible to fully describe  the quietness of the land.
 The stark beauty in the devastation.
Here a reminder so strong how we need the Hope that Christmas brings.
The believing in the magnitude of something greater than our own understanding.

The new tree  I planted in the fall is bowed right down low.
Bowed over with bated breath, heavy, waiting and full; expecting a miracle.


Feeling thankful here tonight. After a busy day, happy to host some friends who were "in the dark still." Knowing there is still many waiting....

              the candle here in the middle of my table keeps on flickering.....

                                Merry Christmas!
                                    to you.....
                                  love, Lucy~


  1. I cannot imagine being in an ice storm. I would mourn the trees too. But this post comes at a perfect time for me. I have had a very very sad day. I thought all was well but it is not. We still could lose our home. And in my sorrow I too could only reflect on how very much I need our Savior.

  2. Oh Lucy, I am so sorry that you have had to go through an ice storm. We have them occasionally here in the Pacific Northwest and they are so devastating. The clean up can take quite awhile but sometimes after the thaw, you find that it is not as bad as you had first thought..I will pray that is the case for you.
    We really do need the hope that Christ brings...your words are so true.
    Much love and prayers to you. xo

  3. Lucy,

    Like you, my sister's house, where my daughter is living, in Unionville, was without power for 60 hours, they scrambling to find wood to light a fire, leaving the house every 2 -3 hours for food runs, sleeping with layers and winter coats, while the ice threw down beautiful, mature trees, one after the other, amid a winter spectacle of icily jewelled branches, berries, and bushes. I am glad you are all safe and snug. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, my friend!

    My candles, alight, in the warmth of my cozy living room, glow with the hope of a speedy restoration of power to the waiting. Patience and prayer.


  4. Hello Dear Lucy....Wow, that was quite an ice storm. Hope you are warm, cozy and safe inside and that it soon de-ices outside.

    Sending warm blessings for a happy new year to you and your entire family. Susan

  5. I'm so sorry about your trees! We sometimes have ice storms like this. Their beauty and destruction startle me in so many ways. Here's to resurrection power.


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