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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hydrangea Harmony

         Welcome to Hydrangea Cottage.                                        

This is what I think when I pull into the driveway at my house lately. 
My front door usually visible, is obscured by a hydrangea blooming with vim and vigor.


          I love it, and even tho it may look a little unkempt this large, it is lovely;
    and I will observe each and every stage of it's burgeoning blossoms.

             Summer time brings with it much coming and going. 
                Last week I cooked at a camp that my children are involved with.
                         I love being away and then coming home. 
                     My gardens have  grown profusely.


I knew I had a potential gardener for a daughter when one of them said, "Mom, look at the vine on the arbour, how much it has grown!"
So between our comings and goings and the having and holding.
 the breathing and bearing, praying and believing.
I am here.
And HE is there.
Bestowing earthly heaven in home and hydrangea.

                    And we are put on earth a little space,
       that we may learn to bear the beams of love.                                               ~William Blake



  1. I love that last line of yours: I am here. And HE is there. Bestowing earthly heaven in home and hydrangea. YES and isn't it wonderful? Isn't He wonderful?

    Sure enjoyed your beautiful hydrangeas... and the glimpses of your lovely yard and garden.

  2. Lucy, both the hydrangeas at your front entrance and your flower beds in the backyard, are beautiful pictures of summer. What a gift to be greeted with upon your return home!


  3. I adore your home….the shadows, the views, and of course, the gardens and hydrangea. What a happy place to be! I totally understand about hope for a gardening daughter! I was so happy when my daughter came running in from playing to tell me the roses were blooming! there is hope!

  4. Lucy,
    Your home looks so green and groomed, and the hydrangeas are lovely. I especially like the little bench outside. That is so special that you helped out at the camp that your children are involved with. I love the fourth picture - all the open wide space that you have, it's beautiful.

    Have a peaceful weekend, Lucy.


  5. So lovely Lucy!
    You know I adore hydrangeas and finally planted my first this summer!
    I just came from visiting my parents and her bush is once again a glory to see. She will give me blossoms again soon!
    The darker brick on your lovely home and the black shutters are just like our home!
    Sending love and smiles your way!
    I was down in St Jacobs with my son not long ago. We enjoyed some sweet time together. The comings and goings are always full of emotion though aren't they?!
    Your garden is so pretty Lucy!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  6. Your Summer garden is lush and beautiful Lucy!
    I love your white hydrangea - do you know it's name? I have a similar one but the head is round and not pointed at the top like yours.
    They make a great statement in the garden and are so good as dried flowers later.
    I can imagine you enjoy sitting on the verandah looking through the hydrangeas!

    You've created a beautiful blog and I'm following you now.


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