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Friday, 1 August 2014

Happy August

                                                         this calendar page makes me smile...
         We are heading away this weekend...camping and beach...
Let's hope it is not this busy! :)

                                                               ( Image is a photo of a picture I saw recently)

more like this....
thinking about this verse this morning....
The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness there of....
the world and they who dwell there in.
Psalms 24:1

came back to add the view outside my window...
flocks of sea gulls...meeting together..
I wonder what they are planning?:)


  1. Oh Lucy, I love the beach when it looks more like the second picture too. It's so peaceful when it's just us on the sand overlooking the waters. I can't believe it's August already. What a view from your outside window.

    Have a fun time camping this weekend. By the way, I just love that framed picture of them holding hands.


  2. What great photos for August. I probably wouldn't mind the first beach scene.. for a while. I like the energy of a crowd. But I also enjoy the rejuvenation of a quiet place so the empty beach appeals too.

    Great pictures... thanks for sharing!!

  3. I was at a beach today that kind of resembled your first picture! I much prefer a quieter place, but it was still so nice to hear the waves and feel the nice sun! Enjoy your time away.

  4. What beautiful pictures and a good start of August!
    I enjoy a deserted beach in the second picture!

  5. Happy August, Lucy!

    You've got the sand and the surf, the meadow and the magical, of your beautiful surroundings, in which to spend the month! Enjoy!!


  6. I'm loving a visit to your beautiful blog—such lovely pictures and words. I like the look of that second beach too :) Hope you have a wonderful trip!


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