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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Misty Meditation

The other morning the fog was a panoramic slideshow.....the sun was attempting to push it away. It looked beautiful and it felt like a reminder to persevere...to always be hopeful...and YES spring is now on its way!

Certain days life's path is clear,undimmed, bright...
dreams seem to have taken flight midst stars somewhere...
Other days it can feel like dreams got lost in air...

Fog seems to blur what we know is there.
 The path can be difficult to discern.
We cling to the things we know and have learned...like faithfulness, grace and Hope.
Fog seems to blur what we know is there. 
But we know it is there.

                                     Whispers are words too. 
We keep on giving, loving and learning. and we see and understand what we didn't know.....    eventually



    we emerge energized by truths that fog revealed...




  1. I find the quietness of the morning fog to be a sort of calming expectancy. It takes its time to reveal the beauty of the day, but it is worth waiting for. Beautiful photos Lucy...thank you for sharing. mari

  2. What a totally lovely post, Lucy. And the photos are fabulous! Great job. Susan

  3. I enter wholeheartedly into the mist. Foggy days for us are mostly in Autumn and this past season I wrote a lot about it on my blog. I think my faith really grows in the days of fog. Therefore it is one of my favorite elements of nature. I wish we had some right now. It has gone from Winter to Summer. It was low 80's today...we desperately need rain to ease the severe drought. Beautiful mist meditation xxo

  4. Isn't the fog so mysterious, Lucy? I really love this wonderful quote. It's so very true. Your pictures of the snow, the fog, and the sun peeking through......it tells me all is right with the world.

    Have a peaceful Sunday, Lucy.


  5. Beautiful truths. I am blessed for having visited here today.
    His Words confirming His faithfulness.
    Blessings Lucy and yes spring is coming. Yeah!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  6. so true! even when we're feeling our way through...

  7. A very beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Hello Lucy,

    Your work is really inspiring! Lovely pictures too!


  9. This is beautiful, Lucy, and so true. Little peeks into positivity, like rays of sunlight warming our cold shoulders, brightness in the blurry skies to awaken our tired eyes, see towards hope, faith, and love.

    I enjoyed my 'session' with you, today, for all its misty magic!

    Happy Sunday, my friend!



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