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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Transient Trials


Do you know suffering? I believe we have all suffered. You can not fully live life  without a degree of suffering.
In the recent past  though I have experienced a new kind of suffering.
Accusations made against me falsely, and injustices from an employer and coworker hurled me down a path I had not yet travelled. 
To  not be believed in and to be treated in a harsh and irrational manner and to be lied about, is unfamiliar suffering for me and a strange grief.


I do not recognize the emotions that have suddenly taken over my heart.
 Rage and revenge are not tools I had  considered picking up before. Suddenly I am tempted.

Suffering is not new. The Bible gives great comfort to all suffering...
 I know most of these verses by heart...and the sermon Jesus taught on the mountain.
Ann Voskamp says ...
The staggering truth is: Suffering is never a meaningless waste of your life, but a meaningful way through your life.

I bake a pie for my friend's  family.  My friend, I found out, has  been admitted to a mental health facility....somebody with five young children at home.
Somehow as I crumble the topping ingredients together, my own suffering is paled.
It is a shadow, not gone but diminished somewhat.

Is there  more suffering now? I ask myself....as I think about this book I recently read.
or when one is experiencing suffering are we more  acutely aware of it?

Things I ponder while I wrestle out grace and forgiveness.
The only  medicine I know that will heal my fragmented heart.


      I wait, I wrestle....and somewhere in the grunge of it all...I see the edge of joy.


                              I named this post transient trials....nothing here is permanent, 
                                       not even our troubles....(praise the Lord!)   


         For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed to us-ward.
                                      Romans 8:18


  1. Suffering allows us to become a more compassionate people when we humbly let it shape us thus. Brings a new meaning to forgiveness, doesn't it? and good for you for helping someone instead of dwelling on revenge. Already you have allowed good to be worked out of it.

  2. Oh, Lucy, how hard this must be! To be falsely accused, to have one's good name berated, is a special kind of pain. Jesus knows.
    I pray for you, and for your friend, that He will be known and His comfort will be with you.

  3. I have come to know the depths of his love through the fellowship of his suffering. He opened not his mouth. He never defended himself. His love...is all. Lay it all down in his love.

  4. Lucy, suffering makes us stronger and makes us cling to Our Lord so much more. I am sorry to hear about your friend, prayers are with her as she walks through this time.

    1. God bless Mari, I know she'll appreciate this.

  5. Lucy, I'm so sorry you're going through this. It is a terrible thing to be lied about, and a sure way to get through the darkness is to pray for light. Thinking of you today, Lucy, and sending my love. And I do hope things work out for your friend too. :~)


  6. Catching up with my blogging friends, I come upon your blog now, to find such sad news. So sorry you are going through this unfair and hurtful behaviour, but I commend you for choosing forgiveness; I don't know that I would be so strong. Hoping that your friend's trial is also transient, and may she return home to her babies, soon.



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