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Friday, 19 June 2015

Beautiful Rain


We have had a lot of rain these last few weeks, the lawns and gardens are growing at top speed. It's hard to keep up sometimes.

I love the space that living in the country brings, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a lawn as big as a handkerchief and a wee, tiny garden...                                                 

Mostly though when I feel the breeze on a warm day, and see the horses and sheep grazing contentedly, watch magnificent skies, I know beyond anything else I am blessed.

Blessed to be on my own bit of heaven on earth. Breathing fresh country air, still only a couple minutes from a little village that draws hundreds of tourists each year.                                          

During the rain last week I started puttering, you know how it goes. You decide to change one thing and suddenly like dominoes you've created a ripple throughout several rooms. 

                 simplified surfaces and a quilt for a throw..love my newest, quirky little owl

                               switching pictures and mirror...

placing pretty bouquets

because rain is simply a state of mind..
and a good antidote to a gardeners soul.

the first photo was my perennial bed a week ago.
now this..
Thank you rain!


  1. gorgeous...with the rain we are enjoying every color in full! God's work can't be outdone!

  2. Hi Lucy! Beautiful photos. Yes, rain is always welcome, especially for grass, plants and flowers. Oh! I think I see Simple Abundance on one of the tables....that is truly one of my all time favorite books. It is filled with such lovely thoughts and wisdom. Susan

  3. Lucy,

    A wonderful tribute to the blessed water that falls from heavenly skies and creates such beauty around us. Your surrounding landscape is picturesque, and the photo of the sheep in the distance has me sighing. But to know that I am only a drive away, as opposed to a continent, satisfies my soul.

    Thank you for this most delightful post on this last day of spring. Wishing you a lovely and whimsical summer.


  4. Lucy, the rain is so awesome, and I would really welcome it right now because it's been so warm. I love to see the area around your house, it's so dreamy. I smiled when you talked about a small lawn and a tiny garden because that's me, but living in a vast area or small area we can still breath the same fresh air and smell the scent of our sweet flowers and be blessed all the same. Your wall hanging of nature is very nice and a gentle reminder for you each day. Thank you, Lucy. This is really a special post, and your pictures are wonderful.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. Great pictures! I love summer rain! So fresh and flavorful! I love nature after rain bathed and smelling flower gardens, woods and streets, pleasant shade ....
    Lucy, have a wonderful blog! I really enjoyed this cool post!

    Kind regards from Bulgaria

  6. I love rain and I miss it so much. Thank you for sharing all your green. It truly is refreshing to see. Our land is so dry from the drought it is depressing. Its so hot too...going to be 106 tomorrow.


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