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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Just June

I love this song, and find myself singing it every June it seems....



Hello already. My favourite month is here. June is four days in and once again she has me smitten.
Not sure what it is about this month...but what's not to love?
So much beauty; birthdays to celebrate, school finishing up for the kids. Summer plans simmer and are stirred. 

No other month has such an ambiance and grace  like that of June.

It is that one dress you have that makes you feel like a million bucks. June.
It is "I love you" from all your children shouted in unison, with kisses thrown to the wind. June
It is a bouquet of flowers picked and ready to open. June
That door ajar just enough to invite you further. June

I recall the days when my children were all in elementary grades and June was a blur of school trips, piano recitals and graduation celebrations. Now with one left in elementary and two in high school, I have time to watch it a bit more, time to reminisce even though that word scares me a little! :)


I press those days into the pages of my heart, like flowers kept and dried beautiful enough to last.
And as I revel in all that June has to offer, I do so as one who knows the brevity of everything. Isn't that what is enchanting?

     As I pass my perennial border I see the peonies are almost blooming.

If I am missing for a while, you'll find me either riding my bike into sunsets, or sitting on the porch reading a book, or maybe chatting with hubby while he works on fixing the boat that is in our barn right now.
Maybe I am listening to my youngest relay an incident at school, or marveling at how tall son is now.


I might be 'puttering around' outside in the gardens, or baking a pie. I may be thinking about a year ago,  and counting my blessings for the way we were and still are.
So if and when I'm missing; know that I'm not. I am really here.

             Do you have a favorite month?


  1. Your description of June almost convinces me that it is my favorite month, too! (But it is not. Mine is October. Or November...)
    Enjoy all of these lovely things, Lucy! We'll see you after June. :)

  2. Lucy, it sounds like June is a special month for you. The area surrounding your house is very nice, so green and groomed. And look at how big and charming your front porch is. Jess would love that. May would be my favorite month, as it's me and husband's birthday month and also mother's day.

    Thanks for giving us a peek of your home and all the beautiful things that surround it.

    Have a good week ahead.

    love, ~Sheri


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