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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Peculiar Perfection

People and plants. These two have plenty of similarities. I recall an expert gardener whose weekly segment I tried to watch   would always end with" after all plants are people too."

Quite true I muse, as I think about all the joy and mystery that is derived from our relationships both with the human and botanical kind.
But along with the  anticipation and joy  there is also the constant reality that plants much like people have their idiosyncrasies. (a fun word:)
Yes, we all have our peculiarities of nature.         

Which is why I decided a long time ago to simply enjoy the blooms; or lack there of in some cases...Beauty lies in the imperfections.....there is where we discover truths about ourselves and others, and we have the amazing opportunity to love in spite of them.

Isn't this what we are called to do?   Isn't that exactly what others do for us?

I'm off to do some watering== (aka known as laundry, cleaning and beans!) have a lovely day!

Found this fun picture at just the right time....  

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  1. Oh, I really do love this picture and quote. I will pass it on to the girls. Thanks, Lucy.



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