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Monday, 13 July 2015

Summertime Vignettes and a Salad

Sharing a few small summery vignettes with you today...

a new to me garden table on my back porch.

great storage solution and display at the same time.

I love when you wait and wait and eventually the very thing you've waited for falls into your lap...

my relic of a bike received a wash of white paint recently

I found these pictures a while back, they bring a summery vibe to this space

                                                            I love the way sunlight pools in corners 

 flowers on the table are simply a must have in the summer

I picked these raspberries this morning with my daughter Katrina in mind, so I sent her a photo to let her know..
 and finally the salad..
Watermelon Salad. 
The story behind it is almost as good as the salad. A few years ago we were dining alfresco with a few other couples. The patio was full, so the ladies sat at one table and the men at another.We opened our menu and saw watermelon salad and immediately all ordered it, as it looked so tasty.
Meanwhile at the men's table hubby remarked "who would order watermelon salad!" Of course  we had no idea until we had all enjoyed ours and determined to find a recipe, so that we could make this unusual salad ourselves!
Turns out hubby doesn't mind it at all, so win/win here:)

Cut watermelon into cubes and add red onion, chopped mint leaves and feta cheese to taste.
cucumber could also be added..

the dressing consists of olive oil, balsamic vinegar,maple syrup, dijon mustard, black pepper and poppy seeds (optional)

A refreshing and complimentary way to change up a summer palette.
                            Bon Appetite, and thanks for visiting.


  1. Thums up on the salad...really good. Looks lie you had fun today! lovely!

    1. oops, thums or thumbs...take your pick;) looks LIKE you had fun today...I'm finding I need to press the keys on our new keyboard a little harder or they don't work...makes for some interesting and eye-brow raising reads if I don't proof-read;-))

    2. :)) Thanks, yes it was a very low key day...

  2. That salad is calling my name!! (And I can imagine my own hubby making the same comment.) ;)
    Lovely summertime vignettes! I can feel your love for summer. Your potting table is a great find and I agree with you about waiting for the "right" thing.


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