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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Writing Love Stories

   On the weekend my husband and I were guests at our nephews wedding.                     

 The weather was perfect...the setting idyllic, on the brides beautiful country property.

I adore weddings, and I tend to get carried away with the nuances.                      

Whether it is the music stirring the air with it's romance and grace, or the airplane droning above while vows are being said.

or the children dressed up, but climbing trees anyhow.

The flowers and lights...smiles and faces young and old.


The window of green beyond the festivities, 

     and the rich, summertime fare.                                              

I am not antisocial, oh no this is simply me absorbing the beauty,
 as two lovers begin the dance......the first dance of their lives.

                      As two souls unite and dreams requite.


  1. Hello Lucy...Sounds like it was a most delightful and romantic wedding. We need some romance amidst the drudgery of life, don't you think? You captured it perfectly. Susan

  2. Lovely thoughts, Lucy! There is something quite special about a bridal couple's first dance together. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of the joyful day's events.

    Brenda xox

  3. Best wishes to the happy couple. I just celebrated #35. Lovely images.

  4. Lucy,
    What a beautiful setting to have a wedding. And the picture of the first dance is a treasure.

    love, ~Sheri


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