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Thursday, 20 August 2015

August Bouquets

I'm sure I am not the only one who finds the month of August to be exactly that; A gust!
       A gust that billows in the epitome of summer time...

                     wheat bunch with hydrangea, zinnias and cosmos in a favorite old pitcher.

So far this month we have had two weddings, one  50th anniversary celebration, a week where I cooked for a camp, birthdays, beaches, boating, babysitting and we are not done yet!

The weeks and days feel like they are being whisked away,

                                    golden applesauce and glads...

which is why I love to gather bouquets.
It feels like preservation on many levels for me... the gathering, the placing, the enjoyment. 


A little like the last month of summer, (unofficially anyhow) 


                              do you see the L, O, V, E...

This is how we extend the moments; by arranging summer's bounty and beauty into decorative bouquets.  By being aware of the seasons blooms and knowing that is enough.


The tangible display of a hearts  unutterable.


and then cake pops. A sweet bouquet for the next celebration.
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  1. I see the L o V e. it looks like you are living the best of Summer days. xo

  2. Lovely!! Enjoy soaking up these days of a waning summer!

  3. Lucy, that sunset picture is simply wonderful. The sunflowers are so pretty, and those cake pops look Yummy. How special is the 50th anniversary celebration.....makes me get a tear or two. I love your posts that are always filled with simplicity and love.



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