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Friday, 13 November 2015

Brighter In The Dark


With all the tragic things that keep happening in the news, it is hard at times to stay strong and remember that good will win, and that ultimately God will win.
It's on nights like these where we must light a candle. This one on my table is from a friend who passed away three years ago.
                       my kitchen at night. daughter plays piano in the shadows..

I lit it and thought of her fondly last evening. Tonight I light it and pray for Paris.
 I feel at times like this candle , flickering away in a world growing increasingly darker. 
But when I stop lighting my candle, when I stop praying for peace, when I stop believing that good will win. 
Then darkness has accomplished it's task. 
So bravely we must flicker even with the smallest flame, holding out Light bigger than the darkest dark.



  1. Lovely words coming from your heart, Lucy, as you remember your dear friend.


  2. Oh Lucy. Beautiful photos. Just beautiful. The sunflower one tugs at my heart. Yes, we must keep our eyes on the ROCK. So hard when horror happens. Susan


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...