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Saturday, 21 November 2015

View Points


At that five o clock time of day, there is nothing sweeter than turning on some music and begin chopping up some vegetables for supper.  The carrots, onions and potatoes all come from my store in my root cellar. The sky out side my window to the world is a hundred shades of pink. I marvel  at fall skies and I am thankful that I can see them from this vantage point. I find it intriguing the way the sun moves at different times of the year. In May and June when it is at it's peak and days are the longest, it throws long shadows into what we call the piano room.

But here in November when evening arrives before hubby makes it home from work, or even most days before the girls that come here after school are picked up, the skies kiss day goodnight early. I watch this from my window to the world, while yellow lights  in succession seem to urge passengers homeward. 

This place, this spot is where I want to be at this time of day. I see certain situations with astute clarity while I run the days events through my mind. Other things are more abstract,and cloudy, but somehow when I'm making supper and my loved ones are either here or there, I feel a certain sureness for what I don't know.
 recently we were spectators at a parade. I found it fascinating as people scrambled for a view. Some people even brought ladders, for their children..
perhaps more pics in a future post...


Joy lives in little things. Children laughing having fun, a good song on the radio,the sound of the motor cycle in the driveway as hubby returns home.
Clear and bright I see these gems, grounding me to what matters. Keeping my focus prudent and filled with faith. 


youngest daughter who turns 13 tomorrow!! (yikes:) is soon to have her view enhanced. This week we ordered her these glasses...


  1. Lucy, Oh I enjoyed your post today in which you give us such a lovely glimpse into your world. Chopping vegetables, watching the way the sun crosses the skies different in each season, waiting for loved ones to get home, lights beckoning welcome from windows and doors. Oh yes... life in all its beautiful moments.

    Thank you...

    Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  2. Happy birthday to your precious girl, Lucy. To be young and ready for the world! Wow! How awesome. Susan

  3. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter, Lucy.

    It is our Thanksgiving this Thursday, and I'm thankful for your friendship here in blogland.

    love, ~Sheri


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...