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Monday, 14 December 2015

In Between and Starting

 Some rooms stories come round full circle...a little like this one...
I haven't really been by my blog much lately. There always seems to be something else just a bit more urgent. 
We have tackled a few little 'spruce me ups' around here....

                                               a spot to write..

It always starts somewhere, and this one began with freshly painted walls...

                      waiting for its first visit from daughter..
I have been wanting to try an all white room for some time. There is so many lovely ones here in blogland...

  the before; originally it had four colours when my youngest two shared it.   While it was cute for a while, they were happy to leave it and head to a bedroom in our basement..It waited like this for a while before it's walls were transformed into a more elegant mood..                                          
 another lifetime's...
    Simplicity and solitude..                                                       
                                         a quiet corner..

Then we decided we would also rip up the old carpet in the bedrooms here on the main floor, and put in laminate. It is a refreshing change, and I am quite pleased with hubby's hard work.

                     (had fun painting this desk for in here...)

Sometimes it's a scary thought that I have a spare bedroom. When all five children lived here, space was a premium, but time passes all too quickly with one daughter married, and suddenly there is a room to redo for second  daughter when she comes 'home -home' as she calls it. 

                                                            sweet dreams...

 I have also started working part time at a restaurant. I've enjoyed the change that it brings to my life without compromising too much of my valued time at home.
                         found the art work at a thrift store, I thought it was perfect..

So there in between life's coming and going. The having and holding, the silence and songs, I stumble than soar and start over again.


                             coming together with a few final touches..

                       Thank you for visiting my new white room!

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  1. Your white room is lovely, Lucy. It will be nice for when your daughter comes home to visit. This is such a cute pillow. I really like the white desk. You did a great job painting it. And your husband did a wonderful job on the floors.

    Wishing you the Merriest Christmas, Lucy. May your heart be filled with love and joy in the new year. Good luck with your new job at the restaurant. Sounds fun.

    love, ~Sheri


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