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Monday, 18 April 2016

Blissful Knowledge

a random musing I jotted last week, as I found myself using the phrase "i have no idea" rather frequently 

It's a strange phenomenon  but it seems like right when I have reached that age where I may once have thought I'd know it all, I suddenly am jolted by the discovery that the more I learn and know...the more I realise how little I know.

Not that I ever really thought I knew it all, but sometimes in the age of invincibility  our sense of understanding has not yet been disillusioned.
The older I get the more I realise that I have no idea...

I have no idea about so many things..
When my children were small it was fairly simple to know what was happening in their lives. Children are forthright and honest henceforth what they say usually comes straight from their hearts.
As children mature they develop their   own characteristics and traits and this may mean that they no longer share all of their joys and sorrows, or even some of the little things they encounter in any given day.

I was thinking about this as I considered how  kids must feel these days with everything this techno driven society offers them. I remember the angst I felt in my teen years and can not imagine how magnified it may have been if I had to think about stats, likes, and followers. I wonder how I would have fared if there was always opportunity for contact, even in an abstract way.

 I marvel at youth and the inspiration they are as they navigate this wide, wide world that at times becomes small because of a thing called the world wide web.

I'm thankful I share a great relationship with each of my children. Although two of my daughters no longer live here I feel I know who they are and what they do. But it would be absolutely presumptuous of me to think that they tell me everything...I really have no idea.  

As I ponder this, I am compelled to hug them more often and tell them just how wonderful they are.  Life is a great teacher and I would never want to shelter them from truths and lessons they must learn for them selves.

The last bits of snow that a few days ago still dotted the sides of the fields are gone. I cling to to what I know...that the One who has brought us this far will never leave us and that He formed each one of my precious children. This makes me able to laugh at the days to come and trust Him for all I have no idea about. 

thank you for reading, photos from summer archives and city of Toronto.

                                       I'm off to enjoy a beautiful day!


  1. I have been having some of the same thoughts recently. Interesting to find the balance of letting them know you want to know how they are but are not 'checking up on them!' {smile}

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. Yes, it is quite the dance sometimes..

  2. Your post comes at the perfect time, as I am going through some changes right now in my life. Thank you for this reminder, my lovely friend.


  3. Enjoyed catching a wisp of your ponderings these days. Thanks for letting us see a little of what's going on inside.

    Sending hugs and wishes for a beautiful weekend...

  4. Oh, I have no idea(s) either!
    And it's all right...


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...