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Saturday, 7 April 2012

From Our House To Yours...


Happy celebrating our risen Lord!


  1. SWEET! Happy Easter...yes, we would love to come for lunch! One stipulation...The Masters, but Victoria reassured me that your 52" screen, and your nice, big, soft couches would be MUCH better than our...well, you know:)
    I'll call. Is that a 'new lamb'?

  2. Ha Ha ...You're funny!:) I believe,(fingers crossed)that we can get the masters,but who knows???
    The lamb is a few months old.It was quite hilarious as it hasn't been out of the barn yet!!

  3. Happy easter blessings darling ...He is risen !!!...love from me....xxx..

  4. Hello Lucy,
    I want you to know that anyone can enter my give away! I have people from Brazil!! I will be ordering direct so it does not matter. You are so sweet to think of that though!
    Happy day, dear friend!

  5. A belated Happy Easter, Lucy. Your pictures are delightful and I'd love a little lamb like that! :D


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