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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Garden Shed Lore

Definition of a Garden Shed:
 part Whimsy
  part Logic.
Gentle Keeper of Mysteries.

There is two doors, one for the
practical needs of tiller and lawnmower.
One to enter what has been turned into a play/ dream house.
My two youngest girls cleaned it last spring. ..

It was a labour of love.

Some day I may have it looking like one of those garden sheds I've seen in magazines.

Or perhaps turn it into a studio of sorts...
but for now it is a ramshackle array of memory and hope.


  1. Oh I wish mine was that big!! I am sure the kids have had many a fun day out there:)

  2. I love your garden shed!!! Your kids have so much fun there, I'm sure (I would have!)... the day will come soon enough when you can transform it into a beautiful retreat ~ until then, you can always dream :)

  3. Oh that was fun going on the tour...dreaming is so nice and the shed is just so cute!!
    Many happy days, dear friend!!

  4. Lucy, your little shed "cottage" is darling! What fun for your girls. :D


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