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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Do You Know You're Beautiful?

One of my favourite spring events is visiting greenhouses.
So the other day my mother-in -law and I ventured out to a few.I am always in awe of the beauty,and dedication of the gardener.

Every beautiful,original,wonderful flower waiting patiently for it's time.Somehow knowing how necessary time in the greenhouse is to it's vitality.

  can't you hear their plaintive voices saying"pick me,pick me?"
( These places only take cash or cheque,so my hubby will be happy,
as I had little cash and no cheque)

    Just loved this pastoral scene under the trees....

Back home with a few treasures...

Flowers reflect the human search for meaning.Does not each of us,no matter how our life has gone,ache to have a life as beautiful and true to itself as that of a flower?                   (Philip Moffitt)


  1. Love flower.....it is a great part of my life.....my daily thing.....hahahahahah!!...xxx..

    1. Oh how I love to go to our local nursery! Love your flowers and also all the beautiful pictures at the nursery...making note, take camera with me on my next visit. Hope you have a blessed week end!

  2. Do you know that your pictures are so bright and pretty?


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...