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Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Canvas

The morning greeting held an invitation;it didn't take long to accept
somehow I knew this was the time to get out in that garden. It had been kindly tilled by my brother-inlaw a few weeks ago,and for some reason, time and weather kept me away.

 I gathered the necessary tools for the job and contemplated my scheme. I have a simple format but it works well, straight rows, with lettuce and such close to the front.My oldest and youngest who was home "sick" could offer there help.I decided this was an education of sorts and she'd go to school at noon.  Soon we had planted peas,onions,potatoes,carrots,radish,spinach,lettuce,and gladiola bulbs.                                      
                                                                     I ask not for a larger
                                                        garden,  but for finer seeds.
                                                                                                (Russel Conwell)
Just as we planted the last potato
the skies opened ,spilling huge droplets of rain. We ran for the house laughing and thankful to the One who waters the earth in due season.

I expect some new phases of  life this summer,and shall try to get
                the honey from each moment.
                           ~Lucy Stone~


  1. Now that's space for a garden! I look forward to seeing your garden grow:)

  2. Ha, Yes,space is not the issuue here...

  3. Lucy, your garden is just wonderful. It brings back sweet memories of my dad's garden. I used to go over to his garden, which was across the street from our house, and we would have long talks, and he would bring home the nicest looking vegetables. I think it was so special that it just started to rain after you were done planting. What a glorious sign. You'll have to show us some of your vegetables as they start to grow.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Oh how I would LOVE to be out there with you planting your garden...nothing like it! We live in a postage stamp, but we are HAPPY, we have plans after retirement to move to the country, yippee!! Love you, Rayanne


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