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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Oblivious Observation

                      The late summer warmth coaxed the flowers
                               on her tea cup into full bloom.


The other day I happened to be at the quarry close to our home.I had taken my son and his friends swimming and since they were all able to swim without too much supervision, I took an air mattress and floated in oblivion in the glorious sunshine.
The    rocks at the side of this quarry pose as a spot to jump off of into the water below.
I was watching this from the luxury of my air mattress when my ears picked up the sound of a father in conversation with his daughter. She was contemplating jumping from the edge, but was unsure of herself.Her father was cheering her on, in every possible way.
It was clear he believed in her ability. It was his job to  bolster her confidence  and courage.  Nervously  she'd stand at the edge looking down into the refreshing pool below. Then she would  step back  to let someone else  take there turn. All the while down below her father patiently kept waiting,offering her tips and advice in the most assuring manner.
 My mind had drifted elsewhere, when suddenly I heard her exclaim in an exhilarating voice as she surfaced "that was the scariest thing I've done in my life!!!"
"I know, I know," was her father's enthusiastic  response, "I'm so proud of you! I knew you could do it!!"

I'm touched and strangely enough, encouraged by this scene.By
the unreserved belief the father had in his daughter, the trust the daughter had in him.But most of all by the power that encouraging words have ,and the result thereof.

                    Encouragement is to hearts,
                                 what sunshine is to flowers.
                    and we sure need a lot of it;
                            in this harsh world of ours.

this is a repost from last summer...I wanted to remind myself about the power of encouraging words....


  1. Great !!!....thanks darling....xxx...

  2. That was lovely, Lucy. That father is a wise man, indeed. Lovely sunflower shot, too. Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog today, too. Have a blessed Sunday. Susan

  3. Beautiful! encouragement is so often under-used and under-estimated. isn't it?

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  4. So enjoyed your sunshiny post... and the reminder how much we all need to hear words that encourage us. How we all blossom under such life words.

    I've just been reading one of the Alexander McCall Smith books in the series #1 Ladies Detective Agency... Mma Ramotswe happens to be muses about the same thing, and here you are too.

    Loved imagining where you were swimming (or floating as you say) with your guys... a real summery feeling came with it.

  5. What a touching story, Lucy. Yes, the power of words is great, and we should encourage more, especially our loved ones. Your picture of the sunflowers is so pretty.

    Have a good week.


  6. So true Lucy!
    We all need to hear encouraging words to help us on our way!
    Father reminds us in mysterious ways doesn't He? ;)
    His voice is always encouraging us, cheering us onward and we do the same to one another.
    Love your blooms and your sweet heart.
    Sending love & smiles your way!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxooxox

  7. Hi Lucy,

    A very timely account of a parent's boost of confidence, a child's trust and the connection between the two. I have found that, with my own daughter, my belief her abilities definitely led to her own positive self-fulfilling prophecy, and as a result, she has grown to be an assertive young lady who is trying her best, and that's all that we can hope for, in the end.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...