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Sunday, 29 July 2012

If I Could...

If I could...I'd scale the wall that keeps us at such a distance.

If that would change things.

If I could ...I'd RUN hard and fast like the wind,
I'd go great distances, and cover much ground.

to see if that would
change things.

If I could I'd build a bridge,with
my own hands, straight to you.
             via google                                                 
                                                               to see a change.
If I could I'd fly above,I'd fly to you.
                                                                         via google

If I could I'd swim the deepest,raging waters,
 to see the change.

But; I can't run, swim, climb or build anything that will change
  the way it is.

I can wait and while I wait I'll live.
            I'll Love.
I'll hold this Hope right here inside.

And  I'll wait and live,to see a change

                                                                                   image via google
Climbing, climbing, climbing.

          a little note about myself... I tend to be a relational type of person, and sometimes those relationships leave me craving ,
                 deeper, more meaningful ,relationships.
       I wrote the above at such a time.



  1. Beautiful...........xxx...

  2. Very nice piece, Lucy. I enjoyed it. I know what you mean about wanting deeper relationships (or ANY relationships.) It's so important that we, as human beings, connect. Susan

  3. Lucy,
    This is a wonderful verse. I wanted to tell you that whenever I come and visit, I feel a sense of calm, a beauty, a peace. Thank you for that, dear friend. It's so important in a sometimes hectic world.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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