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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Backyard Buffet

           Come with me to my backyard,
                              we'll have ourselves a feast...

     this sweet cherry tree which had never really been noticed before surprised us with loads of cherries that were ever so yummy! I have a new respect for it now....

                      here is our sour cherry tree...so burgeoning with fruit a branch broke off...
                                          these are tangy and tart but make great pie!

mulberries from our weeping mulberry tree...birds love them as do my kids

raspberries....smaller patch  now, makes them more special

These apples need a few more weeks, then they will become applesauce. Great with grill cheese by the way!

and the dreaded job of these two; currant picking. My youngest said with a sheepish grin today, " I think ONLY the people who actually like currants should have to pick them." 
Oh little girl I once was you...how I understand your point of view.
Oh dear mother, now I know...what those patient years have scattered and sown...

juice or jam- which will it be? maybe both....

thank-you for strolling with me in my back yard,
please come inside for a glass of ice tea.

I wish you all manner of prosperity,
with a little more taste.
Alain-Rene-Le Sage


  1. Fruit-full!!!!
    How wonderful Lucy....so great to have all that fruit at your fingertips!
    Yummm...pies, and applesauce and jam?
    Sounds heavenly!
    Thanks for the visit...wish I could really be there with you and enjoy your company on this summers day!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  2. Oh, you do have a feast in your backyard! Luscious! Love seeing your young pickers too. :)
    So nice to see you at Vee's party today!

  3. You certainly do have quite the bounty just outside your door! Wonderful. My mother used to can sour cherries (sweetened) for a lovely syrup to use in hot tea instead of sugar. Delicious...

  4. How terrific to have so much variety in fruits and berries. Your little girl's comment made me smile. Thanks for joining in!

  5. Your currant picker's comment reminds me of weeding the garden when I was a child. I hated it. Now I love it. Funny how things change as we grow up.

    Your fruit photos are lovely.

  6. I have gathered olives in the mountains and picked grapes on our property before we built, here on the island, and I can honestly say, it's hard labour - especially the olives, that bending! But when you reap the rewards, it's all worth it. I'm sure your daughter will come to appreciate these tasks as she gets older for the same reasons you did! What beautiful and bountiful bunch of fruit!


  7. Victoria and I are chuckling...we just came in from picking currants and her remarks were very similar:) It's the 'fruit of our labor' that makes it worthwhile!


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