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Friday, 19 July 2013

Of Destiny and Destinations ( Bike Trip Summary)

My husband and I have returned from a week long hiatus.
This was our first road trip like this..and it felt like a journey to get here.

I will admit I was nervous, not only leaving my kids,( whom I know are quite fine without me,for a while at least )but new things tend to unsettle me.
As we travelled  with three other couples, (more seasoned bikers) we had good company at all the rests bikers do ,and shared the beauty of the elements and nature. 

                    Although I love flying freely down the highway,

       I love my van filled with chattering children -more.

             And although it is a treat to order my meals from a menu,

 I love eating food from my garden, with my family around the table-more    

Although it feels lavish to sleep for a night in a nice hotel room.

          a cute B & B we stayed at......source

                I love my own comfortable bed- more.

        Although I am awed at God's artistry and creation far from home.

                      I marvel at the beauty right around me every day- more.

         And though I love to get away from life's daily grind for a while,

                                    I love to come home - more.

                     Oh how good to go away for a while.....
                  but oh how much better it is to come home.

the above sign is a sentimental signature of a few years ago...my daughter made it. I treasure it and have put it out for her too at times, to welcome her home.

                                                Do you love coming home too?


  1. Glad for your adventure, and glad for your return to joys at home more:) Yes, I love coming home. I know it makes some sad, but it's the best part for me. I'm yearning to go a bit right now because I've been home for a long stretch, but this reminded me of my favorite part. I just wrote a post about reading and home, so great timing. I haven't posted. . . words pondered that may be shared. We'll see. Blessings, Lucy!

  2. Thanks Amy! Please post your thoughts....intrigued me now:)

  3. Oh so sweet Lucy!
    How sweet of your daughter to have that coming home welcome!
    There really is no place like home ;)
    I love to get away with my hubby usually in the summer for a week,
    but I do love coming home too.
    Looks like you had fun. How adventurous you are!
    Speaking of this...I'm off with my daughter tomorrow afternoon to see our son for 4 wonderful days! (probably not that far from where you are ;)

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  4. Lucy,
    It's good to get away from the daily grind, but it's so nice to be home again. It looks like you had a great time, and you look so cute in this picture with your husband. I think our kids appreciate us more also when we go on little trips and come home again.

    What a wonderful post Lucy.


  5. Hi Lucy,

    Do I love coming home? Hmm... Home. That's a tough one as I still haven't made up my mind where 'home' is, for me. Is it this Mediterranean island, birthplace of Zeus, (and hubby), land of great hospitality and azure blue seas? Or, is it MY birthplace, Canada, where my close-knit family resides, including my one and only daughter (just recently, but forevermore), and a country I respect and miss when I'm away? Probably both, which can be tiring, confusing and, at times, depressing, especially with regards to family. In the future, I hope to spend an equal amount of time in both these cherished places, but for now, it's Crete, so yes, I love coming home to peace and quiet, light and the luxury of nature at my doorstep and the sea beyond!

    So glad you had some couple time away and a chance to miss home, too!


  6. You and your hubby are so cute. I must say that you are also brave. I love home so much that I rarely travel anymore. I would rather stay home for a holiday. Your home and gardens are something beautiful to come home to. You are blessed.


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