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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Love's Essence

 Happy Weekend Friends,
I have been considering life's greatest blessing. LOVE. Doesn't it make a drab day brighter?  A sweet song cheerier? And a long winter shorter?
Well, maybe not:) 
But I really can not imagine not loving.
Not that it is always easy. No. but because of that crazy thing called grace is it ever possible to truely LOVE. 

Listen to this great song by one of my favorite artists...



                     Love is patient, 
                                           Love is kind, 
              Love is not self seeking.... (I Corinthians 13)

Love is its own reward. Love is the greatest  discipline.

Love cannot be measured until it has been poured out...


I had a tea party with my girls and two of their friends the other day...
I took this picture after they had scurried off to play.
I was still in a tropical mood so we had pina colada tea. which was interesting I'll say:)
The memory is what will last though not whether the tea was perfect, flowers fresh and crumpets crumbly. Sometimes love says " this moment is unlike any other, so it is good."

( while I put this together I was listening to my daughter reading to her younger sister.
expression was utilized and sister was in rapt attention. LOVE! I almost missed it!)


  1. Beautiful song, Lucy, thanks for introducing me to Sara Groves. I especially liked the last verse, where loving a 'person' becomes 'me', inferring that, sometimes it just as challenging for somebody to love us, but both are worth it, in the end. Very inspiring.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. thank you Poppy for your words. I absolutely agree.

  3. Lovely post, Lucy. Had never heard that song or heard of the singer. Thanks. Also, thanks for your sweet visit. Susan

  4. Lucy,
    Yes, love is one of our greatest gifs. Thank you for the beautiful song.

    Have a very nice week ahead.



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