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Monday, 24 February 2014

Breaking Up Isn't That Hard To Do

I am having a little fun this morning because you know laughter is the best medicine.....
I know if my kids read this they'd roll their eyes ..."oh Mom and her corny sense of humour..." but they don't read this blog to my knowledge so I don't need to worry:)
I hope it makes you smile just a little.....

Dear Winter,
I hate to do this to you but I must be honest and end  my relationship with you.
It was always rather seasonal anyhow.

Things between us have been cold for a while now and I cannot ward off your chills anymore.
Please know I have not always felt this way.


Those  days  you romanced me with finery;sequined snowflakes and  glittering sunshine were glorious.


              But glittering is just that and seems rather profuse and vain.

I opt for that stable and secure knowing. That to me is hot. 
Up and down and all over the place makes me dizzy. Now I want comfortable. 
I want bare feet and  green grass. 

The elegance of white is over rated.

 A golden field of dandelions would melt your icy veneer and I would not be sad.

Because yes dear winter we had fun. You gave and I took. Now my fling with you is over.
  It's time to bow out graciously. I will remember you even though you have over stayed your welcome.

 Apple trees want to bloom.

        these photos ( in collage)I treasure were ones taken by daughter Katrina, not living here at present and missed:)

May your week be sunny and bright, whatever the weather.


  1. Oh Lucy, you brought such a smile to my face, today! This was SO wonderfully entertaining!! '...The elegance of white is overrated'!;)) Ha! Love that! You know my friend, once upon a time, I, too, had a fling with this freezing flirt! Didn't last long, as I quickly came to my senses after being blinded by too many spiky snowflakes! In my 49th year, I realized that spring is the most idyllic of the seasons, for all the cliche reasons, which is more than fine with me! I sincerely hope that when I arrive in Toronto the second week of March, spring will be there to greet me, making a special appearance in honour of my 50th!

    Have a great week!


  2. Winter is a lover I'm ready to lose too.
    I had to laugh at your analogies with
    your presentation!
    But your Spring photos make me long for warmer days even more now.

  3. Lucy,
    I loved your version about Winter and cold. Although, I do think your snow is beautiful, it must be tiring for you by now and want spring to arrive. We had some sunny and warm days, and now it is raining, and more to come! I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer for spring too. I love the pictures on here, and that icicle one is so cool. You are getting quite good with the camera, so please keep taking pictures, will you?

    Have a happy day, and stay warm.



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