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Thursday, 20 February 2014

There's Something About Tulips

I am partial to tulips. This is why I took the liberty and purchased myself a bouquet for Valentines' Day. I bought them the day after...because they're cheaper. I like that I have now reached that point in marriage where I don't fret over him not bringing me flowers.
(he gave me a card. Put it right there on the van seat so I'd see it when I hop in. He is thoughtful and unconventional like that.) 

I bought the tulips. They have almost withered, but I think they are lovely in their fadingness. 

                don't they evoke elegance?
               don't tulips seem to say that true beauty is embracing yourself! wonderful YOU!
                         that when this happens your inner soul opens up

             leaving a sweet fragrance for others to enjoy.

                      How have these February days been passing for you?
                                 I must say " I AM READY FOR SPRING!"
                                                   but winter rages on out there tonight....

time for;
  pj's, tea, book, Olympics in the back ground ...

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  1. So beautiful ! Love those colors.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  2. Tulips are my favorite flower! Love your Valentine bouquet! And I think it's wonderful to buy a bouquet for everyone to enjoy...clearance, even better. :D

  3. Yes, I've always loved tulips, Lucy. There is something special about them, like you said. I'm glad you got yourself some tulips, even if it was the day after Valentine's Day. Flowers are the magic in our lives, no matter what the occasion is. I love your pictures today.


  4. Your tulips are lovely..aren't they just the best of flowers? I love that you got them for yourself and you are happy doing it. Jack the dog saved his allowance and picked up a pot of three purple tulips for his dad and me, he is such a thoughtful dog. And as a bonus he said he will be happy to dig up a spot to plant them..ha! :) xo

  5. Pretty pink tulips, Lucy; they suit you. You're card, though, is romantic.


  6. Thank you kindly.
    Sherri...the dog! never thought of that!! :))
    Poppy, yes he is romantic.

  7. Dear Lucy,

    I too enjoy the faded look of tulips, almost translucent. And good for you for buying your own and not fretting. I like the card on the seat...there is a certain charm to that too.

    Wishing you a beautiful rest of your day....


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