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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Garden Party

I have discovered something about me that puzzles me.
Forget the fact that many things about me puzzle my husband...(tis true:)
This idiosyncrasy is odd even to me.


It is my infatuation with the colour of flowers at a certain season.
For example in the spring when I frequent the nurseries and gardens, I always, inevitably end up choosing white. White flowers always win in my opinion. 

         I have planted all white annuals more than a few times over the years.

But gardening is the ultimate exercise in learning, and one thing I have learnt about my relentless passion for white, is this. white is not enough.
I must have some colour in my life.

                                 It's a little like a party without laughter....
                            Or like a greeting without a smile...
                                              or a room with no view.

               Flowers express, and even though white is timeless and elegant.
                                 colour is diversity. colour is beauty. 

                                          Give me flowers in every hue. 
                 Give me laughter, give me life.

              Exclusiveness in a garden, is a mistake 
                   as great as it is in society.
                                                                     ( Alfred Austin)



  1. Hi Lucy,

    Such prettiness! These colourful lovelies do make the most charming guests, striking up conversations with the those less bold, making your garden party, a fabulously floral affair!



  2. Oh, this post made me smile big because I need color in my life too. Your flowers are gorgeous. Lucy, I really loved what you said about it's a party without laughter, a greeting without a smile, or a room with no view. That is so special. Your flowers are all so pretty.



thank you and blessings for words from your heart...