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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Night Reaping

     loving this song lately....
Last evening while we were eating supper, a monstrous combine pulled into our driveway.sorry, didn't get a picture!
The late, wet summer was pushing harvest into it's last minutes. 
Even ever patient hubby was beginning to wonder if the soybeans would dry in time to harvest and still get spring wheat seeds into the soil.

A warm. windy weekend and forecasts of imminent cold, were just what the fields needed to be ready for reaping.

The purposeful roar of machinery in the fields around our house lulled us to sleep.

 When we woke this morning rain had fallen on the newly planted, wheat fields.


At the eleventh hour gathering and planting had all taken place. 
The reaper had come to gather the harvest. 

 I bow my head to the Giver, who in due time will come to one day, to gather together His loved people here on earthly fields; working and waiting for Him.



  1. Amen! amen! Yesterday while I was out playing with Nathan i paused to drink it all in...the sounds of combine and harvester, wind through leaves, Praying for those with acres to go!

  2. Lucy, as one who is not at all familiar with farming, and all that it encompasses, I can sense that this time of year is most trying, with lots of hard work involved. All the very best, my friend.


    1. thank you...yes farming can be a bit of a gamble sometimes...so many things we can't control...actually it's more like a
      walk of faith....
      we only farm about 50 acres...my hubby works to support his habit:)


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...