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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Singing Off Tune

My daughters have all loved to sing. Right now there is only two living here for the most part and one of them in particular is almost always humming or belting out a tune.
Anything from Disney tunes,hymns, worship choruses and popular radio songs.

I love to hear her sing. In my  opinion she has a great voice, and is quite fluent at hitting the notes right.

But as I thought about this I pondered the fact that even if she was not the best singer, I would still want her to sing. 
It would make me sad if she stopped singing because she wasn't 'the best'. 
I'd miss her brave message conveyed in song.


I guess I relate this to my blogging. When I compare myself to the myriad of wonderful and gifted bloggers thriving in cyber space, I sometimes wonder why I bother.
I feel inadequate and incompetent. 

Then I remember why my daughter sings. She does not sing to be heard or to necessarily prove a point.                                        

She sings to express herself. She sings to bring joy.
She sings  to escape a little.  She sings because of love.                             

                Thank you, I needed that. 

       Small, inconspicuous  me; my voice in a choir 
             with thousands of really, really good ones.

    All  of us belting out a tune the only way we know how.

" The forests would be silent if only the best birds sang"
                                 ~Henry Vandyke~


  1. Returning a prayer for blessings to you. Col. 3:23

    1. thanks sis. That is one of my all time favorite verses!

  2. That was a lovely post, Lucy. The photos are beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about blogging and have come to the conclusion that anything that gives us so much joy, is worth continuing! Susan

  3. HEART AND HEARTH! Oh my, what a pleasant surprise to meet you! Thank you for coming by today! Ah, to sing....ha! As if I already didn't have a bad singing voice, I now have laryngitis and can't even speak! Blessed are those who can express themselves as such, and especially the little ones!!!

    Have a terrific weekend, Lucy! Anita

  4. Your song in this post is one that needs to be heard throughout the entire earth. Thank you for singing. Silence is my song. For right now it is.

  5. Through song, through prayer, through words, both spoken and scribbled, one's voice is heard because it's there. A presence of peaceful vibrations.

    Happy Monday!



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