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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Thank FULL

                                        my kitchen calendar reminds me...

Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone here in Canada.
It was full. Too full to blog about... until now.
It felt like an amazing gift to all be together as a family once again. My daughter, who's in university was home, and we all went to my eldest daughter's home for our first meal there...since they have been married!!
                              my favorite five...                            

                them;'it's too bright'! me;'it's perfect'
Visiting your own daughter's home is such a blessed and beautiful  poignant feeling. It has the embodiment of wonder, awe and blessing.  At the same time it feels like a raw, and gut wrenching emotion of time's irrevocable spin, and years that blur into decades in a blink.
                                            love the panoramic view they have...

My daughter and her husband live on an adorable little farm; (not unlike the one she was raised on:)...instead of sheep though they have these goats.
                     Don't they look rather genteel?

So after driving back to Toronto to deliver university daughter, and after sending my others off to school and hubby to work, the home front is quiet. I stand at my patio doors sipping black coffee and immerse my full heart with the Giver of goodness.

                           My new favorite music band...

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  1. How wonderful to have the whole family together to give thanks; you are so blessed, my friend! The photo of your loves is a beautiful one, with them standing in the sunlight, and your shadow capturing the moment forever.



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