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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Elements Of Expression or Family Room Change

Hello, I hope April has gotten started on a good note for you..

Recently by shopping my basement and tool shed I was able to make a few changes in my family room.
 Nothing big, but enough to get noticed by my family who  has become quite indifferent  oblivious to the changes that revolve in this house.
I am not the type of person who is always changing things by any means...I tend to find a way that works as far as furniture placement etc. and I stick with it.
It is nice though to move things around and not get stuck in a rut...so maybe I will become a mover and a shaker...ha, ha:) well a girl can dream, can't she?

Okay on the serious side of things; the valance I had in here before was looking a bit drab.... (sorry no photo of those,already banished  I mean put away))so I discovered these I had disposed of once a few years ago from another room..

Although I still like the picture I had above my couch'                       

I decided I'd like to use my vintage frame for something...


I touched it up with a bit of paint,and added a dried bouquet from daughter's wedding...

simple and sensible, right? :)


I also switched up the lamp from another room...and found a pillow that says "spring"


So not a full out room makeover but a simple solution to a tired facade.

after I had this post together I came across a 'new ' table....future paint project...can't wait.:)...to be continued...


  1. looks FABULOUS!! what is it about spring that makes us want to breathe new life to the old?! and its especially nice when we can work with what we have.

  2. The vintage frame is so lovely with the dried flowers inside. Your sofa looks cozy too. xo

  3. Lucy, isn't it nice to change things around once in awhile? The frame you made with your daughter's wedding bouquet is lovely, what a clever idea. It looks so vintage, which I love. And the valance is pretty - just enough cover so the sun can shine through. A room can sure have a new look with just a few things changed around.

    I hope you had a nice Easter, dear Lucy.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Lovely changes, Lucy! What a beautifully creative idea with the frame and dried flowers. The room looks refreshed, but still cozy.

    Happy Tuesday!


  5. I love a bit of freshening up now and then. You start to "see" things again. Your changes look so pretty...your room so cheerful.

  6. I love it all, Lucy, esp the vintage frame and the light. I see how you're there too...teehee. Isn't it funny how we love to play house all our lives? :)
    Yes, April started off on a good note, always does for me since April 1st is our daughter's birthday. Would you believe she was two weeks early? :) Yes, we still joke about it. I'm huge on laughter, and apparently so is our Father. :)
    It's always so good to visit with you. I'm catching up a bit this week.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  7. Your room looks lovely.. How I love green.. The whole room looks wonderful and cheery.. xo

  8. That calendar caught my eye!! I love how you "shopped" around your home to update your living room (which looks great, by the way). I do that first, then head for the store if absolutely necessary ;) The frame displaying flowers from Brittany's wedding is perfect!


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