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Monday, 19 October 2015


Like a leaf that falls on lavender, some moments simply happen...

Last night my son came down stairs to where his Dad and I were watching the news and said with his mouth full of tooth paste, "I just don't know what I want to do with my life." 

I watch him for a minute and shudder a little as he swallows a mouthful of Crest, and say "Why do you need to decide right now?"  I am not ready for a statement like this at this time of night. I may never be ready for this declaration of decisions and duty, but somehow seventeen in the evening seems a little early and far too young. 

Why hurry into something that life can dictate on it's own, when we live life fully and courageously each and every day...

Yes, I understand there are and always will be necessary measures to the path of success. But  I have learned life is way too short; and answers many times only conjure up more questions.

I realise also  my son suddenly felt the weight of the world on his growing, gangling frame shift?  Can you blame me for bluffing ? 

Life doesn't offer trite answers son. So please forgive me for not replying in black and white.  I was too busy noticing the question behind your statement, and trying to catch my breath. 

motherhood;the only job in which your skills become obsolete over night..
Adriana Trigiani- Milk Glass Moon


  1. This post gave me delicious goose-bumps! esp. this: but somehow seventeen in the evening seems a little early and far too young.

  2. Bless his heart...and yours too. Good answer. xo

  3. A very wise and wonderful mother, you are, Lucy. So eloquently stated, these answers on life, regarding all of its many queries.


  4. Parenting. . .the hardest job we'll ever do, and the most rewarding. Your response to your son's remark was really so affirming and freeing. I'm guessing it gave him a sense of relief knowing that it was okay to have that question looming, and that there's time -- plenty of time -- to address it. Well done, Mom. :) I like your photos. That second one is particularly stunning! Oh, and I want to add that the evening appears to be the time when teens most want to "talk". We always found out so much about our son (and foster daughter) during those late night talks. Sometimes they even woke us up to talk, coming into our bedroom, sprawled at the end of the bed. . .chattering away. Questions, statements, laughter. I treasure those moments and I'm so glad we stayed available, no matter what the hour. Hugs, Nancy


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